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Hood Stands Strong, But Williamstown Finds a Way

Friday, February 3, 2006

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

There has to be a lot said about a team that has not won a single game during the regular season and has loss their starting goalie. So when the Braves from Williamstown took the ice against Lenape in a Tier I first round playoff game, on paper it appeared that this game would be an easy win for Williamstown. And it would start out that way when twenty seconds into the game, Thomas Ruiz's difficult angle goal from behind the net gave Williamstown the lead. Another goal during the second period pushed that lead even further. During this entire game, the Braves attempted shot after shot after shot that John Hood put himself in front of. But the two goals that got pass were more than enough for Williamstown to advance to the next round.

Williamstown went right to work putting pressure on Lenape’s defense. Ruiz applied most of that pressure early on when he skated behind the net and put a shot on goal that hit the back of Hood and went into the goal. Just twenty-one seconds into this game and Williamstown had a 1-0 lead. Even after Lenape was on three separate power plays, Williamstown was still able to produce scoring chances. Williamstown would take advantage of their opportunities when they went on a power play seven and a half minutes into the second period. Dennis Cunard and Eric Finn assisted in Justin Osterdahl’s goal and the Braves doubled up their lead. Lenape’s defense would highlight this game but their opponent’s offense would provide most to the scoring chances on the night.

Photos by Art Redd

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