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Bowling Comes To Winslow High School

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

By Winslow Bowling Team
SJSports Student Correspondent

This year, there have been many new sports at Winslow Township High School. Among them were Volleyball, Lacrosse, and Bowling. Bowling became very popular this winter among the students, and during tryouts, there were 65 people to choose from. In the end, everyone who was chosen had plenty of fun.

The boy's varsity mainly consisted of Steven Jezierski, Keith McCarthy, John Franchetti, Ed Myers, Craig Wager, and at times Josh Pogozelski, and everything they had, every time. The boys had a total of four and a half wins.

On the other hand, the girl's varsity was made up of mainly Lauren Roussin, Amy Patchus, Angie Mufalli, Melanie McGlone, and at times Shana Reyes and Barri Wilcox. The girls record was much better than the boys' in the end with 15 wins.

During the season, there were some fun things to participate in. There was an annual tournament that we participated in, call The Scotch Doubles. The varsity girls and the varsity boys paired up, and bowled as a team. Another event we were in was our respected sectionals. Overall, the bowling season proved to be a fun time for all.

Photos by Winslow Bowling Team

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