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Winslow Twp. Passes the Must Win Test

Saturday, October 22, 2005

By Jason Brown
SJSports Special Correspondent

If you were to take a closer look at the number of teams still with a chance of making the playoffs, it would be a clear indication that every game is a must win for those teams down the stretch. Every player on the football team must find a way to play their hardest and smartest in order to come away with the victory for the team. Winslow Township’s Gawain Bragg demonstrated that urgency on the field against Woodrow Wilson Saturday afternoon. With the rain causing the field conditions to be a bit difficult to maneuver, Bragg would find his footing and was just one of many players coming through with the big plays for his team. Winslow Township would pull away from the Tigers in the final quarter and pick up the Homecoming victory 20-6.

It’s all about the power ratings and how well a team performs against other quality teams. Woodrow Wilson was ahead of Winslow Township in the South Jersey Group 3 power ratings and a win by either team would improve their chances of being in the top eight group. Winslow Township not only needed the win to improve their record to 3-3, but a win at home should move them closer to the Tigers in the power rating standings.

During the first quarter of this Burlington/Olympic Conference game, neither team would be successful putting points on the scoreboard. Winslow Township had the slight edge during the quarter but just could not punch the ball across the goal line on a fourth down play. The Eagles would be successful during the second quarter when Bragg’s rushing touchdown from 32 yards out gave them a 6-0 lead that held up until intermission. Wilson would tie this game in the third quarter when Thomas Walls scored a 5-yard rushing touchdown giving the Tigers something to celebrate. But the fourth quarter belonged to the Eagles. Bragg’s running ability proved to be the difference as he was able to run through the tackles and into open spaces. His 5-yard rushing touchdown gave Winslow Township a 12-6 lead that expanded to 18-6 when Anthony Glaud crossed the goal line from the 2-yard line. Bragg would convert the two point attempt and the Eagles would pick up the must win game.

Photos by Art Redd

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