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Winslow Township's Early Start Enough to Defeat Wilson

Saturday, October 23, 2004

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

Anthony Glaud had everything under control running the offense for the Eagles football team from Winslow Township. In this game held at Woodrow Wilson, the real fan paying attention got to enjoy the action without the announcer giving updates or the scoreboard showing the position and down indicator on the field. The cadence and play calling at the line could be heard and Glaud was in the middle of it all and in full control of the offense. Leading by a touchdown at the break, Winslow Township's defense held off the Panthers in the second half and rolled to a 21-13 victory in a Burlington/Olympic Conference inter-league competition.

Woodrow Wilson was hosting their homecoming game without a few amenities that we all have gotten use to. Watching the officials working the sideline chains became the area to look for in finding out what the down was and the position of the football on the on field. During the first quarter, the Eagles’ positioned themselves deep in Tigers’ territory setting up their first score of the game. Jeromy Miles demonstrated his ability to run through the wholes created by the offensive line scoring from 36 yards out giving Winslow the early seven point lead. Chris Cole lined up to the far left as the primary receiver and caught a short reception from Glaud over the middle. From that point on, Cole out ran the secondary and into the endzone for a 59-yard touchdown.

The Tigers would respond late in the first half with a touchdown by Haneef Anderson to cut their deficit in half. Keying off of their momentum that ended the half, Wilson was setup to tie this game in the third quarter but a turnover inside the five yard line was recovered by the Eagles. Lionel Hill, the person who recovered the football, this time took the handoff later on during their scoring drive and crossed the goal line giving Township a 21-7 lead. Wilson would add a fourth quarter touchdown run by quarterback Antwine Perez to finish out the scoring in this game.

Photos by Art Redd

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