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SJSports Online Hockey Award Winners Announced

Thursday, March 6, 2003

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

Another season is in the books and South Jersey Sports Online is proud to announce this years recipients of the annual hockey awards. With new teams, new faces and a new playoff format, its been an interesting and exciting year. Help us in congratulating the winners, as they will receive their awards on Monday night at Voorhees prior to the championship game. Here are the winners:

Tier 1 Player of the year -- Anthony Orner
Defenseman of the year -- Tom Fritz
Coach of the year -- Bob Humphreys
Tier 2 Player of the year -- Bryan Crosby
Breakout Player of the year -- Louis Stomel
Leadership Award -- Kevin Desrochers
JVA Player of the year -- Eric Cohen
JVB Player of the year -- Lanny Frederick

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