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High School Ice Hockey:
Seven Area Teams Selected for the Flyers Cup

Wednesday, February 15, 2005

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

The South Jersey High School Ice Hockey League was fortunate enough to have seven teams from their league invited to the annual Flyers Cup Tournament. The teams that were selected on Sunday are: Moorestown, Washington Township, Cherokee, Clearview, Eastern, Shawnee and Williamstown. Most of the teams will play on the road, with Washington Township and Moorestown the only two teams hosting games at Voorhees. The Tournament will begin on March 14th. We believe this is the most teams invited to the Flyers Cup from South Jersey since the inception of the league back in 1993. Listed below are the match-ups and locations, no times have been set yet and as always the locations could change at the last minute:

Flyers Cup AA Schedule

#1 Haverford vs. #16 Eastern @Skatium

#8 Downingtown East vs. #9 Cherokee @Iceline

#2 Washington Township vs. #15 Council Rock South @Voorhees

Flyers Cup A Schedule

#1 Penncrest vs. #16 Clearview @Astin

#5 Lower Dauphin vs. #12 Shawnee @Twin Ponds East

#4 Moorestown vs. #13 Wissahickon @Voorhees

#3 Springfield(D) vs. #14 Williamstown @Astin

Remember the locations could change, and once the times and dates are finalized we will post them on the site. Congratulations to all the selections and good luck in the tournament.

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