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As of January 24, 2005

Moorestown had little trouble with Paul VI and can clinch first place if they beat Township on Monday. Eastern followed up its win over Paul VI with a solid win over Rancocas Valley. Cherry Hill East had a tough week losing Louis Stommel for five games and losing to a surging Williamstown on Friday.

  1. Moorestown (1)
  2. Cherokee (3)
  3. Washington Township (2)
  4. Shawnee (4)
  5. Paul VI (5)
  6. Clearview (8)
  7. Eastern (9)
  8. Rancocas Valley (6)
  9. Cherry Hill East (7)
  10. Cherokee 2 (10)

(Teams in parens show previous weeks' rankings)

Key match-ups this week has Shawnee playing Cherokee and Williamstown meeting Clearview. Moorestown with a tie or win can clinch first place.

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