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South Jersey Ice Hockey Power Ratings
As of November 8, 2004

After posting our power rankings for the first time last week we seem to have generated quite a bit of conversation. That is something we enjoy, because the more people that talk about high school ice hockey in South Jersey the better it should be for the players. Keep in mind this is subjective and for entertainment purposes only!

  1. Cherokee
  2. Washington Township
  3. Clearview
  4. Moorestown
  5. Shawnee
  6. Cherry Hill East
  7. Rancocas Valley
  8. Lenape
  9. Cherokee 2
  10. Eastern
Cherry Hill East felt slighted last week when the rankings came out and used it as motivation to beat Eastern. Moorestown faces a tough week with games against Rancocas Valley and Cherry Hill East.

Last week's rankings

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