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Shawnee against Township for Championship

Tuesday, February 28, 2007

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

It's only fitting that the top two teams from the regular season will meet in the championship round, with a huge advantage to Township. Having come through the double elimination tournament without a loss, Township needs to win only one game. Shawnee needs to win Wednesday night to force a deciding game on Friday night, a tough task, but not impossible. Let’s take a look at the match-ups:


Shawnee-Paul Gray: In the regular season, Gray was outstanding, winning top league honors, during the playoffs he has been solid, but came up huge in the victory over Cherokee.

Township-Joe Scafisi: Solid performance in the regular season, has stepped up his game in the playoffs. Led Township to title last year.

Advantage: Slight edge to Shawnee

Team Speed:

Both teams have guys that can fly, Colin Davis, Cameron Rowand and TJ DiSpaldo for Township, just to name a few. Matt McDonald, Joe Pezzato and Ryan Welsey on Shawnee are just as quick. Call it even.


Township can throw three lines at you, and will get contributions from all three. Shawnee relies on their top line of sophomores, who were very productive throughout the season, but need some other players to step up. In the game against Cherokee, by games end the top line was spent and that could be a factor against Township. Advantage: Township


Townships has been here before and are led by mostly seniors. Shawnee skates a majority of underclassmen, but has shown pose in big games. I don’t foresee youth being a problem. Call it even.


Easy to say Township since they only need one win and Shawnee has to win two. Shawnee was not projected to be here prior to the season starting, and Township was expected to repeat. That being said, Shawnee will have to wait till next year as Washington Township will win their second consecutive title.

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