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South Jersey Sports Online First Annual Hockey Awards

Friday, February 25, 2000

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

The first annual South Jersey Sports Online Award winners were announced on Friday, and the selection was a difficult one as there were numerous outstanding performances this year. The awards were presented prior to the first game of the championship series at each level. We will also do a player profile on all our winners along with pictures, and our intent is to do this every year. Congratulations to this year's selections.

Photos by Art Redd

Coach of the year - Chris Harrington, Washington Township


South Jersey Sports Online has awarded Washington Township's Chris Harrington Coach of the year for the South Jersey High School Ice Hockey League. Coach Harrington lives in Sewell with his wife Donna and their three children.

Chris and his household have athletics as a big part of their lives. Son #1, Christopher, plays defense on Township's Varsity team. Son #2, Collin, plays Basketball and Baseball for Bishop Eustace. Bringing up the rear is little Brianna, she is too young to participate in sports right now, but it's a sure thing she'll be part of some organized sport when her turn comes.

Although Chris is involved in all of his kids' athletic activities as coach or assistant coach, he defers much of the credit to his wife Donna. "Any achievement in our family is a direct result of my wife's ability to lead by example. She is the goal setter and achiever." Donna played four years on the Women's Basketball team at Delaware Valley College.

A Philly native, Chris graduated from Archbishop Ryan High School and attended Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales. He played recreational basketball, baseball, golf, and men's league ice hockey. Today, he still plays golf but coaching is his hobby. Since 1978 he has coached either baseball or basketball and later ice hockey. Coach Harrington works with his teams with the philosophy that if you don't set some goals, your chances of succeeding will be greatly diminished. He believes that setting goals helps the team find purpose for all of their hard work and drills.

Coach Harrington's regular season record this year with township was 12-0-2 and has his team on the brink of their first championship since 1996. Giving credit to his coaching staff, especially Steve Brown and Jim Macchione, Chris says that along with the team talent, the coaches are the mainstay and have assumed enormous responsibilities developing the club to what it is this season.

Kudos to the coaching staff of Township's team and to the achievements they have help the team make through hard work and dedication.

Tier 1 Player of the Year - Joe Gori, Washington Township

IHAwd6athumb.jpg IHAwd720thumb.jpg

Joe Gori, a junior at Washington Township High School has received the award of Tier 1 Player of the Year from South Jersey Sports Online.

Joe has been playing hockey for nine years. For Joe, the practice comes easy and especially motivating when he meets up with someone who might demonstrate better playing skills. The competition of the sport is what makes it fun for him. His all around favorite athlete is Mark Recci of the Flyers.

In his time away from the ice he teaches younger kids how to skate and to play hockey. He likes to go to the shore, spend time with his friends and going to dances. He enjoys movies like the popular favorite, American Pie; favorite actor is Mike Myers and likes the music of Billy Joel. His taste in cars is not modest; he likes the Mercedes S500 Coupe.

For Joe, the most influential event that has inspired him to play is the 1980 Olympic Hockey team that won the Gold Medal. It is one of his dreams to play on an Olympic team and maybe win the Gold.

Joe Gori's record this year was 12-0-2, and first place in the division. Joe also led the league in scoring with 22 goals and 8 assists, as well as 3 game winning goals.

Tier 2 Player of the Year - Adam Wiedmann, Collingswood

IHAWD3Athumb.jpg IHAwd717thumb.jpg

This year South Jersey Sports Online has awarded Adam Wiedmann as Tier 2 Player of the Year in the SJHSIHL. Adam lives in Collingswood and is in his senior year at Collingswood High School. He started playing hockey for Collingswood in his sophomore year.

Adam has played hockey for five years and is grateful for the influence of his dad instilling in him the importance of perseverance and the value of hard work. Equally important, Adam thanks his coaches and fellow players for the great time he has had being part of the Collingswood team over the last three years.

After graduation in June, Adam hopes to start studies in Engineering at RPI and continue playing music in a band.

He finishes this hockey season with a record of 8-3-3 and he was second in scoring in tier 2 with 16 goals and 9 assists, which are pretty impressive statistics for a defensemen. Adam also had two game winning goals.

JVA Player of the Year - Brad Livingston, Delran

IHAwd2athumb.jpg IHAwd2bthumb.jpg

South Jersey Sports Online has named Brad Livingston JVA player of the year for his achievement with the SJHSIHL. Brad plays with the Delran team.

He is a senior at Delran High School and is still undecided as to a specific college that he might attend. Currently he is looking at somewhat local schools like St. Joe's, Widener or the University of Delaware. He has not decided on a field of study for college but is interested in psychology.

Brad has played ice hockey for about 8 years and is a big fan of the Flyers, Dad has shared season tickets to the home games, so he has had plenty of exposure to the sport. His favorite all around athlete is Eric Lindros, who Brad sees as "the complete package"; team player, team leadership and athletic talent. In addition to ice hockey, Brad also plays street hockey , soccer and baseball.

Truly an optimist, Brad has a very positive attitude in most anything you might ask him about. His life ambition is to be successful in whatever he does and have fun while doing it. Setbacks are just another step and shouldn't be discouraging.

Brad says that his father has influenced him the most by being an example as a hard worker and as a private businessman. His dad has encouraged him to stick with hockey when there were bad times. It sounds like Dad's advice has paid off for Brad, he finishes this season leading the league in scoring and taking his team to the finals. South Jersey Sports Online congratulates Brad.

JVB Player of the Year - Christopher Sabol, Cherokee


Chris Sabol of Marlton is South Jersey Sports Online JVB Player of the Year for his endeavors in the SJHSIHL where he plays goaltender on the Cherokee team.

The motivation to play hockey came from watching the Philadelphia Flyers play. His favorite all around player is John LeClair. When not playing Ice Hockey, Chris also plays Roller Hockey. His favorite movies are Austin Powers and Big Daddy; Adam Sandler is one of his favorite actors and his favorite car is the Mustang GT.

In his freshman year at Cherokee, Chris knows that he would like to attend Boston College after high school but is not sure of what area he might focus his studies. Right now his favorite subject is Science, and his least favorite is English. He does know that one of his life ambitions is to play for the Flyers after graduating from Boston College.

Chris credits his dad as the most positive influence over him as his coach and mentor, and how he plays as a goalie.

Chris Sabol finishes this season with a record of 14-0, and led his team to first place and an undefeated season.

Best Defenseman - Buddy Anderson, Washington Township

IHAwd4athumb.jpg IHAwd4bthumb.jpg

Buddy Anderson, a junior at Washington Township High School, has been awarded South Jersey Sports Online Defenseman of the Year for his accomplishments in SJHSIHL this season playing for Township.

Buddy grew up playing hockey and lacrosse with his family. He likes lacrosse because it is so similar to hockey in its physical competition. His favorite all around athlete is Cam Neely. He has been a fan of Neely's for a long time and idolizes his style of hockey.


When he graduates next year, Buddy would like to attend Boston College or University of Massachusetts. He would also like to have playing hockey help him pay his way through one of those colleges.

Among his favorites, Buddy likes the movie Happy Gilmore; Adam Sandler is his favorite actor, and his favorite song is the classic by Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven. During his summer vacations he like to go to the beach and when home he coaches young children.

Buddy's dad, Jack, has had the most influence on him, both personally and in sports. He credits his dad with teaching him about 'life lessons' and keeping him focused on his work on the ice.

Buddy' record this season with Township was 12-0-2 and he was third in the league in scoring with 14 goals and 14 assists.

Leadership Award - John Meenan, Clearview

IHAwd5athumb.jpg IHAwd5bthumb.jpg

South Jersey Sports Online has awarded John Meenan the Leadership Award for 1999-2000 year for his achievement with the SJHSIHL. John plays with the season champion Clearview team.

A resident of Mantua, he is a senior at Clearview High School and is still undecided as to what college he might attend.

John has played ice hockey for about 12 years and loves the competition. It is what drives him to stay committed to the game. In his spare time John likes to ride wave runners and four-wheeling. He is also mechanically inclined and likes to work on cars. Someday, he'd like to own a Dodge Viper.


His favorite all around athlete is Eric Lindros, mostly because of his competitiveness and commitment to the Flyers team.

His life ambition is to be successful in whatever he does and have fun while doing it.

John thanks all of his family and peers for influencing him and supporting him to continue to succeed in all of his endeavors. He finishes this season as one of the leading scorers and his tenacious style of play were influential in leading Clearview to its first championship. South Jersey Sports Online congratulates John.

Glenn Holland Award - Brian Holland, Holy Cross

The SJHSIHL has instituted an award in honor of the late Glenn Holland to be presented each year to the outstanding goaltender of the year. This year's award goes to his son, Brian Holland.

IHAwd8athumb.jpg IHAwd8bthumb.jpg IHAwd8cthumb.jpg IHAwd721thumb.jpg

The SJHSIHL presented a special award to Bob Schmidt, in appreciation of his years of outstanding service, dedication and leadership to the league.

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