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AHL 1999 IcePro All-Star Skills Competition

Sunday, January 24, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

On January 24, 1999, the American Hockey League (AHL) held its All-Star Skills Competition at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pa. The events that took place had the Team Canadian All-Stars vs. Team PlanetUSA All-Stars. The two teams took part in 7 events: In Glas Co Puck Control Relay, Vic Ambush, Bauer Fastest Skater, Sher-Wood Hardest Shot, Sher-Wood Rapid Fire, Sher-Wood Accuracy Shooting, and Sher-Wood Breakaway Relay.

The IcePro Skills Competition started at 7:00 pm. with an introduction of the players and then the other events. Some of the events had some local players competing against each other. What a shame to have it so late at night! The league is geared to getting the kids out, but the next day is a school day. On Monday (1/25), the All-Star Game does not start until 8:00 pm.

1999 Canadian AHL All-Star Roster
Martin BironRochester Americans
Marc DenisHershey Bears
Steve PassmoreHamilton Bulldogs
Derek ArmstrongHartford Wolf Pack
Jean-Pierre DumontPortland Pirates
Steve GuollaKentucky Thoroughblades
John MaddenAlbany River Rats
Jim MontgomeryPhiladelphia Phantoms
Randy RobitailleProvidence Bruins
Andre SavageProvidence Bruins
Martin St. LouisSaint John Flames
Peter WhitePhiladelphia Phantoms
Jeff WilliamsAlbany River Rats
Shane WillisBeast of New Haven
Bob WrenCincinnati Mighty Ducks
Dan BoyleKentucky Thoroughblades
Jean-Luc Grand-PierreRochester Americans
Geordie KinnearAlbany River Rats
Dean MelansonRochester Americans
Cory SarichRochester Americans
Ken SuttonAlbany River Rats
Brad TileySpringfield Falcons


1999 PlanetUSA AHL All-Star Roster
Jim CareyProvidence Bruins
Robert EscheSpringfield Falcons
Jean-Marc PelletierPhiladelphia Phantoms
Lubos BarteckoWorcester IceCats
Jim DowdHamilton Bulldogs
Chris FerraroHamilton Bulldogs
Ken GernanderHartford Wolf Pack
Sean HaggertyLowell Lock Monsters
Ladislav KohnSt. John's Maple Leaf
Valentin MorozovSyracuse Crunch
Richard ParkPhiladelphia Phantoms
Boris ProtsenkoSyracuse Crunch
Landon WilsonProvidence Bruins
Johan WitehallHartford Wolf Pack
Herbert VasiljevsKentucky Thoroughblades
Francis BouillonFredericton Canadiens
Rich BrennanHartford Wolf Pack
Jon ColemanAdirondack Red Wings
Radoslav SuchySpringfield Falcons
Sergei KlimentievPhiladelphia Phantoms
Chirs O'SullivanSaint John Flames
Andrei ZyuzinKentucky Thoroughblades


The Hockey Hall of Fame sent some of the old jerseys to be displayed that were worn by players in the NHL, AHL, and local Philadelphia teams.

Photos by Boog Williams

AHL199948thumb.jpg AHL199947thumb.jpg AHL199946thumb.jpg AHL199945thumb.jpg AHL199944thumb.jpg AHL199943thumb.jpg AHL199942thumb.jpg AHL199941thumb.jpg AHL199940thumb.jpg AHL199939thumb.jpg AHL199938thumb.jpg AHL199937thumb.jpg AHL199936thumb.jpg AHL199935thumb.jpg AHL199934thumb.jpg AHL199933thumb.jpg AHL199932thumb.jpg AHL199931thumb.jpg AHL199930thumb.jpg AHL199929thumb.jpg AHL199928thumb.jpg AHL199927thumb.jpg AHL199926thumb.jpg AHL199925thumb.jpg AHL199924thumb.jpg AHL199923thumb.jpg AHL199922thumb.jpg AHL199921thumb.jpg AHL199920thumb.jpg AHL199919thumb.jpg AHL199916thumb.jpg AHL199915thumb.jpg AHL199914thumb.jpg AHL199913thumb.jpg AHL199910thumb.jpg AHL199908thumb.jpg

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