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Event Spotlight:
Flyers Skate Zone at Voorhees Hosts Ice Hockey Camps

Friday, August 24, 2001

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

With the hot weather still around, one-way to cool off is to go watch some hockey camps at the Flyers Skate Zone at Voorhees. The Flyers Rookie/Mini camps started at 9am, along with the Flyers Elite Training Camp (which ran from August 20-24th), and at 11am the Flyers ran an unofficial camp.

At the Rookie/Mini camp, it is hard to tell who the players are because they don't have any numbers on their jerseys. There were numbers on their helmets, but it did not always match up with the numbers given out. The camp was run by Flyers Assistant Coach E.J. McGuire. Some of the forwards at camp were: Jesse (#21), Boulerice, James Chalmers (#57), Guillaume Lefebvre (#46), Mike Lephart (#50),Patrick Sharp (#66),Colin Shields (#67), Pete Vandermeer (#61), and Matt Zultek (#41). Defensemen were Jason Beckett (#53), Joe Dipenta (#59), Thierry Douville (#63), Ian (our favorite from last year) Forbes (#58), Bruno St. Jacques (#42), James Vandermeer (#60), and Jeff Woywitka (#68). Goaltenders that appeared were Dan Murphy (worked both) and Maxime (another of our favorite from last year) Ouellet. I noticed the Todd Fedoruk was on the ice for both sections.

The Flyers Elite Camp had 3 groups which were broken up into two teams. The players were being coached by Mike Stothers (Flyers Assistant), John Stevens (Phantoms Head Coach), and Jim McCrossin. They have spent many hours putting together a program that they feel will give each player an idea of what it takes to play at the highest level. The camp ran from 8:30 am until 3:45 pm. They train on and off-ice. The off-ice is done in the roller rink.

Next the Flyers took the ice at 11am. The players run the drills and then play 4 on 4 for 60 minutes. The red team had 6 players and a goalie, while the green team had 7 players and a goalie. That extra player was very noticeable after 30 minutes of play. Some of the players that participated were: Red team Rick Tocchet, Chris Therien, Kent Manderville, Mark Craig, Brian Boucher, Chris McAllister, Todd Fedoruk, and for the green, Dan McGillis, Justin Williams, Rusian Fedotenko, Dan Mruphy.

Photos by Boog, Meaghan and Allison Williams

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