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Event Spotlight:
Skate Zone Opening in Voorhees is Grand

Friday, September 8, 2000

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

This past Friday the practice facility for the Flyers and Phantoms, the Skate Zone in Voorhees, had its grand opening at 5:00PM and along with the hundreds of fans, there were players from both teams as well as the broadcasters to participate in the celebration. The 100,000 square foot facility features two ice rinks, with a seating capacity of 400 per rink, seven multi-purpose rooms, an arcade, snack bar and in case you don't have your own skates, they have 622 pairs that you can choose from to rent.

Once inside there were many activities, autograph sessions with players from both teams. Kids were able to try on the equipment worn by the players, and fans had the chance to rub elbows with them and have your picture taken with past Flyer stars such as Gary Dornhoffer, Brian Propp and Steve Coates. Since all three cover the Flyers either on television or radio, we asked them about the John LeClair situation and Dorny said, "John is one of the top players in the NHL and I sure hope he signs a long term contract". Coates said, "He had no idea if John would sign, but feels it's not just one person anymore, with Recchi, Desjardan, Langkow and Tocchett."

We spoke to some fans including Al Destralo who felt, "LeClair should be paid what he was asking for but doesn't think the Flyers will sign him". But I think Brian Propp said it best, "I don't know what the dollars are, and I am not sure what these players are thinking, but back in the early nineties players would take less to stay with a team. Look at Recchi and Dejardan. They signed because they realized how great Philly is". Maybe Bob Clarke should have the Propper talk to LeClair.

Overall the new building was impressive and the party thrown by Comcast was almost as classy as Maureen Quilter, Public Relations Manager for Comcast Spectacor, who was very helpful when there was a mix-up with our press credentials.

The Skate Zone is located at 601 Laurel Oak Road, a few hundred yards behind the Ritz Sixteen Movie complex. For information and directions you can call 856-309-4400.

Photos by Gregg Williams

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