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Bayhawks Dominate the Barrage
Philadelphia Lost Their Third Game in a Row to the Bayhawks 31-9 Sunday infront of 3,543 at Johnny Unitas Stadium

Sunday, June 12, 2005

By Erin Vosburgh
Philadelphia Barrage Correspondent

The Philadelphia Barrage of Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier outdoor lacrosse league, faced off against the Baltimore Bayhawks Sunday, June 12 at Johnny Unitas Stadium at 4:00 p.m. The Bayhawks jumped out to a commanding lead of seven to nothing in the first quarter. Goals were scored by Josh Sims, Paul Cantabene, Mikey Powell, Danny Cocchi, and a two-point goal by David Curry. Todd Schriener started in goal for Philadelphia but was replaced by Brian “Doc” Dougherty after the six-goal run for the Bayhawks. Matt Streibel broke Baltimore’s scoring streak with his unassisted goal. Baltimore answered back with two more goals scored by Gavin Prout and Sims. With a little over a minute to go, Philadelphia’s Brian Spallina and Baltimore’s Prout got into a scuffle on the field following Sims goal. Both received a one minute non-releasable penalty for unsportsmanlike like conduct. At the end of the first quarter, the score was Baltimore 9, Philadelphia 1. Doug Shanahan went 4-10 on face off against Cantabene who went 6-10. The Bayhawks had seven shots on goal while Philadelphia only had one.

At the start of the second quarter, Philadelphia won the opening face off but with a turnover, Baltimore’s Tom Marechek scored his first goal of the afternoon. Marechek, Powell and player/coach Gary Gait scored the next three goals for Baltimore. Philadelphia went on a three-goal streak with a goal by Michael Springer and two goals by Streibel. Marechek scored another goal for the Bayhawks to round out the second quarter scoring. Doc went down at 58 seconds left in the quarter due to a previous broken thumb. Schreiner returned to the game for Philadelphia to end the quarter.

The score at the end of the half was Baltimore 14, Philadelphia 4 entering half time. Philadelphia had 13 shots during the second quarter. Baltimore had 12 shots. Shanahan went 6-9 on face offs and Cantabene went 3-9 on face offs.

At the start of the second half, Baltimore came up with the face off, took it down and put it past Schriener. That goal was scored was by Jeff Sonke which was his first goal of the night. B.J. Prager answered back for Philadelphia with his first goal of the night. Gait and Marechek scored goals for Baltimore before Philadelphia could score again. Doug Knight scored his first goal of the night for Philadelphia, bringing them up to six. Sonke scored his second of the night and the 18th goal for Baltimore.

Michael Mollet scored Philadelphia’s next goal but Powell answered right back for Baltimore to round out the third quarter. The score at the end of the third was Baltimore 20, Philadelphia 7. Shanahan went 6-10 in the third for Philadelphia and Cantabene went 4-10 for Baltimore. Philadelphia had nine shots and Baltimore had 14 shots.

Baltimore won the opening face off for the fourth quarter. Baltimore scored seven goals to start of the quarter. The goals were scored by Gait, Marechek, Powell, Curry, Matt Alrich and a two-point goal by Mark Frye.

Mollot scored the first goal of the quarter for Philadelphia. Gait answered back for Baltimore scoring his fifth goal of the night. B.J.

Prager scored his second goal of the night and the ninth for Philadelphia.

Frye scored his second two-point goal of the night to end the second half.

The final score was Baltimore 31, Philadelphia 9. Shanahan went 3-9 in face offs in the fourth and 18-38 overall for Philadelphia. Rogler went in the 2-3 fourth and 2-3 overall for Philadelphia. Cantabene went 7-12 in the fourth and 21-41 overall for Baltimore. The Barrage had 10 shots in the fourth and 35 overall. The Bayhawks had 13 shots in the fourth and 55 shots overall. Schriener recorded 3 saves overall for Philadelphia. Doc recorded 8 saves for Philadelphia. Trevor Tierney recored 12 saves for Baltimore. The Bud Light game MVP was Tom Marechek of Baltimore.

Philadelphia leaders were Streibel with four points (3G, 1A), Prager with two points (2G), Ryan Boyle with two points (2A) and Mollet with two points (2G).

Baltimore leaders were Tom Marechek with nine points (5G, 4A), Gait with eight points (6G, 2A), Powell with seven points (4G, 3A), Sims with five points (3G, 2A) and Curry with four points (2G, 1 2ptG, 1A).

The Barrage see game action again on Saturday, June 18 against the New Jersey Pride at Kean University. They come back home to Villanova July 14 against the Rochester Rattlers. Tickets are still available, to order call the Barrage ticket office at (610) 355-8999.

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