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Barrage Fall To Bayhawks 19-9
Philadelphia lost to Baltimore for the second time this season in front of 3,009 fans.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

By Erin Vosburgh
Philadelphia Barrage Correspondent

The Philadelphia Barrage of Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier outdoor lacrosse league, faced off against the Baltimore Bayhawks for the second time this season. Gary Gait was named Bud Light MVP for his G,A) effort for Baltimore.

The Bayhawks jumped out to an early lead with a three goal run started by Tom Marechek (A) at 12:50. The Barrage broke their streak with a goal from Michael Springer (A) at 6:32. Springer ended the first with another goal with 39 seconds remaining. The score at the end was Baltimore 4, Philadelphia 2.

Matt Striebel brought the deficit down to one with his goal to open the second. Baltimore answered back scoring four goals in a row, started by Marechek. Ryan Boyle (A) of the Barrage scored his first of the night at 2:30 to get the Barrage back on the board. Matt Alrich (A) scored again for the Bayhawks, followed by another goal from Boyle. The score at the end of the second was Baltimore 10, Philadelphia 5.

Philadelphia’s B.J. Prager scored at 14:40 to open the third. Baltimore came back to score two goals in row. Prager scored again for the Barrage to break the two-goal streak. However Gary Gait (A) scored two in a row to end the third quarter. The score was Baltimore 14, Philadelphia 7.

Striebel scored his second of the night for the Barrage to open the fourth. Marechek scored his fourth of the night for Baltimore. Springer scored his third of the night for Philadelphia at 6:15 which was the last time Philadelphia could put the ball past Trevor Tierney. Baltimore put four goals past Brian Dougherty to end the fourth. The final score was Baltimore 19, Philadelphia 9.

Philadelphia leaders were Springer with 4 points (3G,1A) followed by Boyle with 2 points (2G), Prager with 2 points (2G) and Striebel with 2 points (2G).

Baltimore leaders were Gait with 8 points (5G,3A) followed by Marechek with 7 points (4G,3A), David Curry with 4 points (2G,2A) and Gavin Prout with 3 points (2G,1A).

Philadelphia’s final home game will be played on August 11 at Villanova Stadium at 7:30 p.m. against the New Jersey Pride. Tickets are still available by calling Ticketmaster at (215) 336-2000 or by visiting

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