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South Jersey Roller Hockey:
BTAA PeeWee Roller Hockey Skates To A Finish

Saturday, November 14, 1998

By Ron Odegard
SJSports Special Correspondent

The last day of Peewee Roller Hockey was a perfect fall day when the Orange Flyers hit the rink with a vengeance. These 5 & 6 year olds were willing and able to play an older team who was definitely out of their league. But...that didn't stop them. The first five guys hit the rink. J. Rosell, A. Marone, and R. Fisher played hard offense keeping the green team constantly on their toes (or skates). J. Odegard and S. Tubbs played a hard defense keeping the ball well away from their net. The first five players did an excellent job wearing down the green team in the first period.

As the second period started, in came the reserves. B. Miller, W. Marchewka, and S. Tubbs skated circles around the green team's net while J. Rosell and D. Law defensively keeping the ball out of the net. These Orange Flyers were doing such a great job; the goalie needed wake up calls.

The third period came around and both teams were fighting for a score. The first five Orange Flyers were rested and back in the game. But the green team would not give up without a fight. It came down to the final period of the game. The Orange Flyers made one last rush against their opponents and scored with only seconds left on the clock.

After the team calmed down and a 15 minute break, the moms were thrown into the rink to do roller battle. But this tough bunch of 5 & 6 year olds showed who was boss in the rink and gave their moms a little league lesson. Not to be outdone, the dads gave it a try. Looks like the dads needed a lesson too!

The day ended with a little barbecue at the field. This has got to be one of the best seasons with 10 of the greatest little roller hockey players in South Jersey and this coach hopes to see these same guys playing next year.

Let's hear it for the Orange Flyers:
J. OdegardA. Marone
J. RosellJ. Rosell
S. TubbsR. Fisher
B. MillerW. Marchewka
J. MoranD. Law

Thanks to all the parents for their support and cooperation because without them, we wouldn't have a team.

A special thanks also goes out to J. Johnson, J. Marone, J. Rosell, J. Krupta, P. Miller, and F. Pfluger for all their help.

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