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Team Breakaway Takes TORHS Title in Squirt Division

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

By David W. Unkle
SJSports Staff Writer

The country is full of good coaches. What it takes to win is a bunch of interested players.

Former NFL Head Coach Don Coryell's quote at the bottom of the team's webpage is a stark reminder to players and parents connected with organized sports. Often overlooked is the commitment of the players to learning the fundamentals of the game, executing those fundamentals, and performing at a consistent level. In an era where coaches, parents, players, (and even the media) become obsessed with statistics, winning records and individual performance, it is refreshing to see an organization committed to teaching and employing the rudiments of hockey. Remember, all-stars come from teams with losing records. In the case of Team Breakaway, there are committed players and coaches who are deeply entrenched in those tenets.

Team Breakaway has captured every major East Coast tournament crown this season. Led by Captain and leading scorer, Cameron Rowand (65G, 47A), Team Breakaway took the tournament by storm with offensive support from Mike Campanaro (24G, 47A) and Assistant Captain Andrew Dadds (43G, 20A). James Hunt kicked in twenty-one goals to go along with his twenty-one assists to give Team Breakaway some serious scoring power from both the offensive and defensive positions.

During the team's tournament run, they captured 3 TORHS Regional Championships (North Jersey, Williamsburg, VA and Long Island, NY), the Bash at the Beach Championship, the 2002 Triple Crown Philadelphia Regional Championship, and the 2002 NARCH South Jersey Regional Championship. The team placed first in the AAU Regional Tournament which was held in late June in Feasterville, Pennsylvania going an undefeated 6-0. The team is now preparing for TORHS Nationals. Goaltending was big and Brooks Laird and Brien Bennett came through big.

Team Breakaway Roster
Cameron Rowand (C)
# 99
Andrew Dadds (A)
# 13
Greg Horwitz (A)
# 93
Mike Campanaro
# 98
James Hunt
# 95
Brian Switick
# 2
Tommy Redstreake
# 9
Adam Shemansky
# 88
Mike Hollingsworth
# 77
Mike Dula
# 66
Andrew Tegeler
# 55
Brien Bennett (GOALIE)
# 11
Brooks Laird (GOALIE)
# 39

By virtue of the team's performance in the respective East Coast tournaments, Team Breakaway is considered the team to beat. Be sure to check out the team's website at: for further information.

Photos by Pedro Cancel

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