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Legends Appear To Honor Well-Known Educator, Runner

by The Kid

Chuck Crabb, Herb Lorenz, Browning Ross, Tom Osler, Walt Pierson, Larry Delaney and the Lanier twins just to name a few.

A who's who of South Jersey running legends - both young and old - came out for the inaugural Bill Kile's Memorial Run July 26 under sunny skies at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken to honor a respected educator, dedicated runner and person loved by many.

"I had goose bumps seeing all those great runners," said Jane Hoopes, of the Athlete's Korner Sports Timing Systems in Hammonton, who helped organize and donated her finish line services for the race. "I had chills down my spine. It's hard to explain it. It was a very emotional day."

It was no surprise to see Crabb, 40, a Pineland Striders' running club member from Hainesport, enter the stadium's cinder track out in front of the field of 129 finishers. Crabb, who was featured in the August issue of Runner's World, covered the TAC-certified four-mile loop course in a winning time of 20 minutes and 6 seconds.

One of the best runners in not only South Jersey, but also in the Northeast region, Crabb was followed by Kareem and Kyle Lanier, 24-year-old twin brothers formerly of Willingboro. Kareem was second in 21:11, eight seconds ahead of his brother, Kyle.

Other top 10 men finishers were Brian Mosher, 33, Marlton (4th-21:30); Craig Moyer, 25, Lansdale, Pa. (5th-21:50); Benjamin Huddell, 39, Collingswood (6th-21:56); Robert Ward, 37, Clayton (7th-22:16); Patrick Seaney, 42, Cherry Hill (8th-22:31); Jason Griscom, 17, Swedesboro (9th-22:59) and Bob Cannava, 43, Mount Laurel (10th-23:19).

Doreen McCoubrie, 35, of Haddonfield captured the women's division of 42 participants with her l4th-place time of 24 minutes and 26 seconds.

Shawnee High School graduate Lauren Fittz, 19, of Medford was second at 26:46 (30th place), followed by Antionette Elton, 24, Cherry Hill (36th-27:32); Barbara Addis, 34, Sicklerville (41st-28:19); Betty Williams, 52, Medford (43rd-28:21); Theresa DeRoberts, 37, Mount Laurel (46th-28:52); Linda Stanfill, 39, Mount Laurel (47th-28:57); Jan Smith, 26, Haddon Heights (55th-30:18): Marsha Ayers, 49, Medford (60th-30:36) and Diane Hardies, 51, Marlton (61st-30:52).

Bill Kile's Memorial Run Order Of Finish

1. Chuck Crabb40Hainesport20:06
2. Kareem Lanier24Willingboro21:11
3. Kyle Lanier24Willingboro21:19
4. Brian Mosher33Marlton21:30
5. Craig Moyer25Lansdale, Pa.21:50
6. Benjamin Huddell39Collingswood21:56
7. Robert Ward37Clayton22:16
8. Patrick Seaney42Cherry Hill22:31
9. Jason Griscom17Swedesboro22:59
10. Bob Cannava43Mount Laurel23:19
11. Sidney Holzer41Erial23:33
12. Warren Walker43Sewell24:14
13. Bill Jenkins38Somerdale24:22
14. Doreen McCoubrie35Haddonfield24:26
15. Rob Hewitt16Turnersville24:57
16. Jim Flanagan59Haddonfield25:08
17. Jim Ayers47Medford25:39
18. Ernie Bender51Medford25:41
19. Herb Lorenz58Mount Laurel25:58
20. Jeffrey Fuchs20Mantua26:05
21. Chuck Sellers44Barrington26:06
22. Rob Nagele16Turnersville26:11
23. Corky Gardner42Annapolis, Md.26:12
24. Bill Shralow35Pennsauken26:13
25. Mike McGehean36Glassboro26:19
26. Colin Brennan52Collingswood26:25
27. Jeff Delessio16Hammonton26:28
28. Victor Birch36Coden, Al.26:35
29. Christopher Fowles43Woodbury26:42
30. Lauren Fittz19Medford26:46
31. Roy Hill40Erial26:53
32. Billy Snyder26Pennsauken27:14
33. Lou Putnam51Moorestown27:24
34. Ted Hardies52Marlton27:24
35. Walter Pierson61Woodbury27:26
36. Antionette Elton24Cherry Hill27:32
37. Kevin Franceschini31Haddonfield27:38
38. Pedro Calderon42Cherry Hill27:42
39. Dave Treen38Cherry Hill27:59
40. George Jackson64Drexel Hill, Pa.28:17
41. Barbara Addis34Sicklerville28:19
42. Michael Stone42Cherry Hill28:20
43. Betty Williams52Medford28:21
44. Tom Eastmar32Burlington28:29
45. Bob Shuler49Marlton28:49
46. Theresa DeRoberts37Mount Laurel28:52
47. Linda Stanfill39Mount Laurel28:57
48. Granville Ungerleider51Marlton29:08
49. Robert Rivera35Voorhees29:14
50. Frank Messenger52Atco29:41
51. Jeffery Moore30Oaklyn29:43
52. Bob Ellis54Medford29:44
53. Tom Osler57Glassboro29:59
54. T.J. Bruzek16Sewell30:03
55. Jan Smith26Haddon Heights30:18
56. Fred Takacs46Mount Holly30:23
57. Frank Perkowitz58Westville30:25
58. Ron Jackson32Sewell30:29
59. Jonathan Khanlian17Moorestown30:30
60. Marsha Ayers49Medford30:36
61. Diane Hardies51Marlton30:52
62. Traci Schock26Riverton30:56
63. Jay Griscom45Swedesboro31:00
64. Robert Lipschutz41Philadelphia31:09
65. Jason Snyder24Pennsauken31:10
66. Don Delessio45Hammonton31:18
67. Lorrie Scalia40Marlton31:19
68. Sheri Mitchell34Marlton31:23
69. Fred Denenberg60Philadelphia31:23
70. Betsy Lipschutz38Philadelphia31:24
71. Michele Bilicki14Marlton31:32
72. Paul Austin31Maple Shade31:39
73. Ray DiLello47Collingswood31:42
74. Lyndon Rich55Cinnaminson31:46
75. Marilyn Kamp51Paulsboro31:51
76. Fran Kinkle39Pittsgrove31:52
77. Marjorie Travaline49Glassboro31:55
78. Mike Kantner39Mount Laurel31:56
79. Carta Witt27Mount Laurel31:57
80. Bob Hewitt44Turnersville32:33
81. Ann Warsing55Maple Shade32:40
82. Andy Galdi15Gloucester33:06
83. Cynthia Bilicki-Nimz39Blackwood33.20
84. Al Anderer55Medford33:32
85. George Morris63Haddonfield33:41
86. Kathy Crabb40Hainesport33:46
87. Norman Ostroff50Cherry Hill33:56
88. Diane Edelman42Mount Laurel33:57
89. Hank Keating40Clementon34:10
90. Marie Ferrell50Mount Holly34:23
91. Debbie Danks35Cherry Hill34:29
92. Matthew Snyder16Cherry Hill34:34
93. Rick Wells40Marlton34:38
94. John Blazich47Brooklawn34:54
95. Harry Berkowitz57Piscataway35:48
96. Mike DiBenedetto44Shamong36:21
97. Jerry Nolan70Philadelphia36:30
98. Michael Clavelli40Philadelphia36:31
99. Jim Martin, Jr.36Browns Mills37:02
100. Jack Blaney56Pennsauken37:22
101. Stuart Brill49Cherry Hill38:16
102. Susan Kinkle39Pittsgrove38:50
103. Daniel Suiter33Marlton38:51
104. Karen Kariberg41Medford39:00
105. Peggy Krupa41Mount Laurel39:06
106. Bob Buderman47Pennsauken39:25
107. Drew Bondy43Eagan, Mn.39:29
108. Doreen Bondy38Eagan Mn.39:36
109. Frank Vento51Riverton39:37
110. Claire Gardner13Annapolis, Md.41:02
111. Lisa DeJesus31Camden42:10
112. Ginny Collins38Gloucester44:02
113. Yvonne Weston49Voorhees44:45
114. Vince Hurley49Marlton44:59
115. Kim Suiter31Marlton49:39
116. John Khanlian52Moorestown53:59
117. Maurita Bivans52Marlton56:27
118. Andy Fescoe46Shamong56:28
119. Larry Delaney71Pennsauken56:28
120. Joan DiLorenzo66Myrtle Beach58:32
121. Wendy Yates33Laurel Springs1:01:52
122. Joan Fescoe47Shamong1:04:05
123. Kathy Guthier51Marlton Lks.1:04:11
124. Kimberly Masso28Somerdale1:04:16
125. Thomas Masso19Somerdale1:04:17
126. Dottie Kramer-Medford1:10:05
127. Nancy Sauer-Medford1:10:06
128. Sally Kinkle58Pennsauken1:10:52
*129. Marv Levy74Philadelphia57:50
*started early

The Fun Run Order Of Finish

1. William Walton-Cherry Hill10:32
2. Kile Smith40Philadelphia11:53
3. Kate Gardner13Annapolis, Md.11:59
4. Priscilla Smith10Philadelphia12:42
5. Douglas Zimmerman12West Windsor15:40
6. Lisa Gilmore8Marlton17:33
7. Gary Gilmore36Marlton17:34
8. Irma Lorenz55Mount Laurel18:43
9. Beth Reinbold-Loveladies18:50
10. Ray Fraiser-Cherry Hill20:07
11. Jim Mitchell-Cherry Hill20:08
12. Tina Walton-Cherry Hill20:53
13. William Suiter62Gibbstown20:54
14. Maryann Bowne29Mount Laurel21:01
15. Frances Firullo55Bellmawr22:08
16. Liz Reinbold-Loveladies22:10
17. Sharon Tiedekon47Pennsauken22:11
18. Kathy Keenan43Marlton22:12
19. Susan Bacso36Columbus22:15
20. Hannah Gardner7Annapolis, Md.22:16
21. Renee Gardner38Annapolis, Md.22:18
22. John Knorr56Absecon22:19
23. Lauren Gilmore11Marlton22:30
24. Doug Gilmore45Marlton22:34
25. Marge Suiter54Paulsboro22:47
26. Rosalie Campor54Burlington23:03
27. Warren Driscoll46Sicklerville23:23
28. Linda Gilmore44Marlton23:24
29. Iris Franklin38Willingboro23:48
30. Charles Caramanna-Tabernacle23:49
31. Patricia Caramanna-Tabernacle24:15
32. Don Beineman70Haddon Heights24:26
33. Stephanie Branch42Willingboro24:27
34. Christina Welch59Marlton24:29
35. Diane Walter50+Cherry Hill24:30
36. Colleen Elton29North Wales, Pa.24:31
37. Karen Connelly33Mantua24:38
38. Michael Prince50Marlton24:40
39. Carol Otte50Marlton24:41
40. John Devlin50Mount Laurel24:42
41. Kathy Devlin46Mount Laurel24:45
42. Michael Korejko58Marlton24:46
43. Jay Farquhar33Marlton24:54
44. George Zimmerman44West Windsor24:55
45. Paulette Zimmerman44West Windsor25:13
46. Micaela Austin-Santry1Maple Shade24:23
47. Jill Franceschini29Haddonfield25:40
48. Tyler Franceschini4Haddonfield25:42
49. Aidan Suiter3Salem25:45
50. Joni Suiter37Salem25:46
51. Jack Suiter58Paulsboro26:01
52. Diane Suiter45Paulsboro26:23
53. Carol Berth67Paulsboro26:24
54. Devon Suiter2Salem28:26
55. David Suiter37Salem28:27
56. Nancy Kile55Marlton30:11
57. Christina Zimmerman10West Windsor34:24
58. Meghan Suiter2Marlton34:38

Four-Mile Age Group Results

Male Division

OverallAgeHometownPlace Time
1. Chuck Crabb40Hainesport1st20:06

14-and-under Males None

15-18 MalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Jason Griscom17Swedesboro9th22:59
2. Rob Hewitt16Turnersville15th24:57
3. Rob Nagele16Turnersville22nd26:11

19-29 MalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Kareem Lanier24Willingboro2nd21:11
2. Kyle Lanier24Willingboro3rd21:19
3. Craig Moyer25Lansdale, Pa.5th21:50

30-39 MalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Brian Mosher33Marlton4th21:30
2. Benjamin Huddell39Collingswood6th21:56
3. Robert Ward37Clayton7th22:16

40-49 MalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Patrick Seaney42Cherry Hill8th22:31
2. Bob Cannava43Mount Laurel10th23:19
3. Sidney Holzer41Erial11th23:33

50-59 MalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Jim Flanagan59Haddonfield16th25:08
2. Erie Bender51Medford18th25:42
3. Herb Lorenz58Mount Laurel19th25:59

60-plus MalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Walt Pierson61Woodbury35th27:26
2. George Jackson64Drexel Hill, Pa.40th28:17
3. Fred Denenberg60Philadelphia69th31:23

Female Division

1. Doreen McCoubrie35Haddonfield14th24:26

14-under FemalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Michelle Bilicki14Marlton71st31:32
2. Claire Gardner13Annapolis, Md.110th41:02
3. None

15-18 Females None

19-29 FemalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Lauren Fittz19Medford30th26:46
2. Antoinette Elton24Cherry Hill36th27:32
3. Jan Smith26Haddon Heights55th30:18

30-39 FemalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Barbara Addis34Sicklerville41st28:19
2. Theresa DeRoberts37Mount Laurel46th28:52
3. Linda Stanfill39Mount Laurel47th28:57

40-49 FemalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Marsha Ayers49Medford60th30:36
2. Lorrie Scalia40Marlton67th31:19
3. Margorie Travaline49Glassboro77th31:55

50-59 FemalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Betty Williams52Medford43rd28:21
2. Diane Hardies51Marlton61st30:52
3. Marilyn Kamp51Paulsboro75th31:51

60-plus FemalesAgeHometownPlace Time
1. Joan DiLorenzo66Myrtle Beach, S.C.120th58:32
2. None
3. None

Many thanks to everyone who made generous donations to The William H. Kile, Jr. Humanitarian Scholarship Fund at Pennsauken High School.

Cathy Armstrong, Mount Holly
Nancy and Glen Bartle, Hammonton
Irene Benjamin, Marlton
Carol Berth, Paulsboro
Lamont and Lorenzo Bivans, Marlton
Walter Boyer, Houston, Tx.
The Caramannas, Tabernacle
The Caldwells, Elkhart, In.
Art Cassata, Elkton, Md.
Betty Clark, Browns Mills
Kathy and Chuck Crabb, Mount Holly
The Central Record, Medford
The Central Record Sales Dept.
Sandra Davis, Sicklerville
Bob and Sondra DeAnthony, Marlton
Matthew Druker, Cherry Hill
Pat Edmunds, Medford Lakes
Micro Solutions, Inc., Glenside, Pa.
Jay Farquhar, Marlton
Haddonfield Running Comany
Glenn Hopkins, Audubon
George Jackson, Drexel Hill, Pa.
Clive and Janet Johnson, Medford
Nancy Kile, Marlton
Carol Lanza, Tabernacle
William Mansmann, Lawrenceville
Gene Mattioni, Marlton
Bill and Pat McMahon, Riverton
Gene Newman, Egg Harbor Twp.
Jerry Nolan, Philadelphia
John Polomano, Magnolia
Pro Corner, Echelon Mall, Voorhees
Carol Renne, Calabash, NC
Eileen Rock, Medford
Susan Rockwell, Rpirle, Va.
Joe Schramm, Delran
Sports Paradise, Medford
Philip Steel, Jr., Philadelphia
Dave and Joni Suiter, Salem
Myrtle Townsend, Westmont
Granville Ungerleider, Marlton
Christina Welch, Marlton
Lois Wood, Medford
Harriet Zumwalt, Dallas, Tx.

Congratulations First Scholarship Winners

by The Kid

The first recipients of The William H. Kile, Jr. Humanitarian Scholarship Fund were announced at Pennsauken High School graduation ceremonies in June.

The award is to be granted to a graduating senior who exemplifies the qualities for which Bill Kile was so noted and loved. These qualities include, but are not limited to, kindness, compassion, selflessness, thoughtfulness, and a consistently positive and upbeat manner.

High school graduates Kieu Cao and Emmett Dweh, both of Pennsauken, each won cash awards of $250, while Howard Pfeifer Middle School graduate William Smith of Pennsauken received a $50 cash award. Dweh was an honorary starter at this year's race, which raised more than $3,000 for the scholarship fund (now the largest such memorial fund at the school).

A special thank you goes out to Barbara DeFranco at Pennsauken High School for providing me with the information on the scholarship winners. Hope to see you next year!

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