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Runners From Near, Far Compete In Second Bill Kile's Memorial Run

Haddonfield's Martin Beats Las Vegas' Owens For Crown

by William H. Kile III

Matt Martin of Haddonfield was victorious in the second annual Bill Kile's Memorial Run July 25 in Pennsauken, but not before a stiff challenge by a runner from the other side of the country.

Marty Owens, 29, came literally from the Philadelphia International Airport to Cooper River Park to compete in the TAC-certified four-mile loop race honoring a well-known educator who died two years ago.

Owens, of Las Vegas, Nev., who competes for Power Bar, gave Martin all he could handle.

Despite a head wind early on, Owens led with a 4:57 first mile. "I think the pace I set broke most of the field, except for the guy that won," said Owens in an interview prior to the Brigantine Sunset 5K the next night.

Martin started to make his move at the one-and-a-half mile mark and had the lead when the two leaders went through two miles at 10:06.

"He was slightly ahead at that (two miles) point, but if I put my foot out I would have touched him. We both skipped the water stop and I took a quick look back and realized it was a two-person race," Owens said.

It was all Martin the rest of the way, according to Owens, who may have been feeling the effects of his flight in.

"The last mile Matt picked it up a little more and I couldn't answer it all. I was tired after the plane ride. Who knows, with a good night's rest, I may have been able to push him a little harder between the three- and four-mile mark to see what would happen at the end."

Owens, who was in town for his brother's wedding, said he plans on returning next summer. "I'll look forward to next year. I definitely like the race. It's a nice course and runner-friendly. It is a course that 20 minutes can be broken. We weren't too far off the course record (20:06, set by Chuck Crabb last year). Maybe not flying the night before and maybe with a couple more runners out there we could have been pushed more."

Martin crossed the line in 20:30, 24 seconds ahead of Owens, who ended up competing in two more races before the weekend was over. Just hours after the Pennsauken race, Owens finished a close second (26:30) in the Sandblast 5-miler in North Wildwood.

In his thrid race in two days, Owens finally got a win at Brigantine, covering the 3.1-mile race of 149 finishers in 16 minutes.

Other top 10 men finishers were John Schilling, 27, Pitman (3rd-22:02); Jason Griscom, 18, Swedesboro (4th-22:27); John Marino, 37, Doylestown, Pa. (5th-22:25); Rob Hewitt, 17, Turnersville (6th-22:45); Rich Ridenour, 39, Bellmawr (7th-22:51); Kevin Franceschini, 33, Haddonfield (8th-22:54); Kevin Durkin, 18, Clarksboro (9th-23:47) and Pineland Striders' running club president Bob Cannava, 44, Mount Laurel (10th-23:54).

Marybeth Redheffer, 17, of Medford Lakes won the women's division of 36 in 29:14, good for 32nd overall out of 117 finishers.

The Shawnee High School senior was followed by top 10 women finishers Linda Stanfill, 40, Mount Laurel (36th-29:27); Sandra Rosen, 29, Deptford (37th-29:32); Lynn Packer, 49, Cherry Hill (41st-30:19); Sheri Mitchell, 35, Marlton (44th-30:43); Marsha Mills, 48, Haddonfield (47th-31:05); Traci Schock, 28, Riverton (48th-31:20); Diane Hardies, 52, Marlton (51st-31:48); Marjorie Travaline, 50, Haddonfield (63rd-32:55) and Angela Washington-Bivans, 32, Voorhees (64th-33:13).

A Special thanks to our sponsors: Athlete's Korner Sports Timing Systems; The Central Record Publications, Inc.; Penn Maid Foods; Wawa Food Markets; Commerce Bank; Micro Solutions Plus, Inc.; G & M Printwear; Sports Paradise; Power Bar; Runner's World and Haddonfield Running Company.

2nd Annual Bill Kile's Memorial Run Results

1. Matt Martin26Haddonfield20:30
2. Marty Owens29Las Vegas, Nev.20:54
3. John Schilling27Pitman22:02
4. Jason Griscom18Swedesboro22:17
5. John Marino37Doylestown, Pa.22:25
6. Rob Hewitt17Turnersville22:45
7. Rich Ridenour39Bellmawr22:51
8. Kevin Franceschini33Haddonfield22:54
9. Kevin Durkin18Clarksboro23:47
10. Bob Cannava44Mount Laurel23:54
11. Barry Roberson50Medford23:59
12. Jeffrey Fuchs21Mantua24:29
13. George Melko34Pennsauken24:42
14. Bill Stout52Medford25:25
15. Kevin Hays37Pitman25:39
16. T.J. Bruzek17Sewell26:00
17. Frank Maneri36Medford26:16
18. Jim Flanagan60Haddonfield26:21
19. Jeff Delessio17Hammonton26:27
20. William Scott48Tabernacle26:30
21. Bob Redrow37Woodbury27:10
22. Walter Pierson62Woodbury27:16
23. Andrew Laplante16Maple Shade27:22
24. Christopher Fowles44Woodbury27:38
25. David Brown50Pine Hill27:40
26. David Treen40Cherry Hill28:02
27. Michael Packer44Cherry Hill28:23
28. John McGovern40Maple Shade28:47
29. Dean DeCencio32Westmont28:56
30. George Jackson65Drexel Hill, Pa.29:06
31. Larry Cramer39Pitman29:09
32. Marybeth Redheffer17Medford Lakes29:14
33. Frank Messenger53Marlton29:17
34. George Miller38Bensalem, Pa.29:21
35. Steven Straus30Sicklerville29:24
36. Linda Stanfill40Mount Laurel29:27
37. Sandra Rosen29Deptford29:32
38. Bob Ellis55Medford29:37
39. Randy Ellicott37Williamstown29:58
40. Jon Mayer34Medford30:07
41. Lynn Packer49Cherry Hill10:19
42. Art Johnston33Cherry Hill30:21
43. Tom Osler58Glassboro30:42
44. Sheri Mitchell35Marlton30:43
45. John Fleshman14Thorofare30:48
46. Ed Cyr32Mount Laurel30:58
47. Marsha Mills48Haddonfield31:05
48. Traci Schock28Riverton31:20
49. Robert Rivera36Voorhees31:27
50. Don Delessio46Hammonton31:36
51. Diane Hardies52Marlton31:48
52. Joe Schramm46Delran31:54
53. Orlando Mercado26W. Collingswood31:59
54. Tim Killion18Pennsauken31:59
55. Jeff Lang43Lindenwold32:04
56. Fred Denenberg61Philadelphia32:18
57. Thomas Dunn36Plainsboro32:18
58. Lou Procacci23Cherry Hill32:19
59. Bill Snyder27Palmyra32:37
60. Philip McElroy43Tabernacle32:43
61. Norman Ostroff51Cherry Hill32:51
62. Jay Griscom46Swedesboro32:53
63. Marjorie Travaline50Haddonfield32:55
64. Angela Washington-Bivans32Voorhees33:13
65. Al Anderer56Medford33:22
66. Jack Baptiste47Haddonfield33:27
67. Ann Warsing56Maple Shade33:31
68. Cynthia Bilicki-Nimz40Blackwood33:52
69. Mark Dunn30Turnersville34:26
70. Robert Hewitt45Turnersville34:53
71. Frank Kinkle40Pittsgrove35:00
72. Ted Kaczynski34Medford35:01
73. Lorenzo Bivans28Voorhees35:53
74. George Morris64Haddonfield35:55
75. Roger Rider61Cherry Hill35:57
76. Leslie Diaz29Camden35:59
77. Mike Fleshman10Thorofare36:21
78. Robert Tittermary58Thorofare36:25
79. Daniel Suiter34Marlton36:30
80. Thomas Macwright46Medford36:31
81. Michael O'Leary35Audubon36:40
82. Mike DiBenedetto45Shamong36:50
83. William Redheffer60Medford Lakes37:13
84. Warren Ashford57Burlington37:34*
85. Robert Buderman48Pennsauken39:01
86. John Blazich48Brooklawn39:02
87. Joanne McGovern37Maple Shade39:33
88. Ted Kramer63Medford39:56
89. Jerry Nolan71Philadelphia40:16
90. Kimberly Suiter32Marlton41:42
91. Gail Hoover30Marlton41:44
92. Harry Berkowitz58Piscataway41:45
93. Karen Karlberg42Medford42:20
94. Dana Williamson30Burlington45:08
95. Susan Kinkle40Pittsgrove46:05
96. Lorraine Cephus68Cherry Hill46:49
97. Kim Fields30Burlington47:22
98. Pam Federer30Marlton49:17
99. Matt Holden8Laurel Springs50:47
100. Shannon Holden13Laurel Springs50:48
101. Chris Call34Aberdeen51:24
102. Lee Langmuir11Medford56:05
103. Kate Haughey27Medford56:05
104. Mardi Gibbons56Cherry Hill57:29
105. Susan Bacso37Mount Laurel59:14
106. Wendy Yates34Laurel Springs59:25
107. Janice Adams41Voorhees59:31
108. Rosalie Campor55Burlington59:53
109. Mary Langmuir37Medford1:00:07
110. Nancy Sauer50+Medford1:00:16
111. Susan Miller40Medford1:00:17
112. Betty Gardner70Palos Verdas, Calif.1:05:32
113. Chris Gardner37Levittown, Pa.1:05:33
114. Paulette Zimmerman45West Windsor1:05:34
115. Carol Renne69Calabash, N.C.1:05:36
116. Fran Driscoll44Sicklerville1:06:55
117. Warren Driscoll47Sicklerville1:06:57
*started early

1-Mile Fun Run Order Of Finish

1. Brittany McLeod11Glendora7:24
2. Priscilla Smith11Philadelphia7:40
3. Kile Smith41Philadelphia7:41
4. Steve DeHaan14Bridgeton8:18
5. Irma Lorenz55Mount Laurel8:37
6. Chris DeHaan11Bridgeton11:16
7. Franny Buderman10Pennsauken12:49
8. Aidan Suiter4Salem13:47
9. David Suiter38Salem13:48
10. Bill Suiter63Gibbstown13:50
11. Maurita Bivans50Marlton13:54
12. Maryann Bowne30Mount Laurel14:31
13. Charles Caramanna62Tabernacle15:09
14. Patricia Caramanna47Tabernacle15:09
15. Frances Firullo56Bellmawr15:46
16. Zach Levin7Mount Laurel16:20
17. Sue Levin32Mount Laurel16:21
18. Claudia Buderman46Pennsauken16:36
19. Anthony DeFranco28Pennsauken16:49
20. Barbara DeFranco56Pennsauken16:50
21. Unknown Finisher--17:02
22. Christina Welch50+Marlton17:13
23. Sharon Tideken48Pennsauken17:17
24. Christine McGinley34Pennsauken17:54
25. Don McGinley32Pennsauken17:54
26. Alice Dawson51Marlton18:01
27. Linda Crisp51Mount Holly18:01
28. Peggy Sutton50Pennsauken18:02
29. Carol Reilly50+Medford18:11
30. Diane Walter50+Cherry Hill18:11
31. Unknown Finisher--18:13
32. Michael Bull47Pennsauken18:28
33. Jackie Henry46Haddonfield18:29
34. Tyler Franceschini5Haddonfield18:45
35. Barbara Farquhar35Marlton18:52
36. Jay Farquhar35Marlton18:55
37. Unknown Finisher--18:55
38. Linda Gilmore-Marlton18:56
39. Doug Gilmore-Marlton18:57
40. Unknown Finisher--18:59
41. Kimberly Masso29Somerdale19:01
42. Robbie Masso, III2Somerdale19:02
43. Robert Masso, Jr.30Somerdale19:02
44. Don Beineman71Haddon Heights19:03
45. Unknown Finisher--19:04
46. Devon Suiter3Salem19:06
47. Meghan Suiter3Marlton21:01
48. Joni Suiter38Salem21:02
49. Andrew Franceschini2Haddonfield21:02
50. Jill Franceschini30Haddonfield21:09
51. Nancy DeHaan37Bridgeton21:09
52. Unknown Finisher--21:10

Four-Mile Age Category Results

Male Division

OverallAgeHometownPlace Time
1. Matt Martin26Haddonfield1st20:30

1. John Fleshman14Thorofare45th30:48
2. Mike Fleshman10Thorofare77th36:21
3. Matt Holden8Laurel Springs99th50:47

1. Jason Griscom18Swedesboro4th22:17
2. Rob Hewitt17Turnersville6th22:45
3. Kevin Durkin18Clarksboro9th23:47

1. Marty Owens29Las Vegas, Nev.2nd20:54
2. John Schilling27Pitman3rd22:02
3. Jeffrey Fuchs21Mantua12th24:29

1. John Marino37Doylestown, Pa.5th22:25
2. Rich Ridenour39Bellmawr7th22:51
3. Kevin Franceschini33Haddonfield8th22:54

1. Bob Cannava44Mount Laurel10th23:54
2. William Scott48Tabernacle20th26:30
3. Christopher Fowles44Woodbury24th27:38

1. Barry Roberson50Medford11th23:59
2. Bill Stout52Medford14th25:25
3. Dave Brown50Pine Hill25th27:40

1. Jim Flanagan60Haddonfield18th26:21
2. Walt Pierson62Woodbury22nd27:16
3. George Jackson65Drexel Hill, Pa.30th29:06

Female Division

1. Marybeth Redheffer17Medford Lakes32nd29:14

1. Shannon Holden13Laurel Springs100th50:48
2. Lee Langmuir11Medford102nd56:05
3. None

15-18 Females None

19-29 FemalesAgeHometownPlaceTime
1. Sandra Rosen29Deptford37th29:32
2. Traci Schock28Riverton48th31:20
3. Leslie Diaz29Camden76th35:59

1. Sheri Mitchell35Marlton44th30:43
2. Angela Washington-Bivans32Voorhees64th33:13
3. Joanne McGovern37Mapel Shade87th39:33

1. Linda Stanfill40Mount Laurel36th29:27
2. Lynn Packer49Cherry Hill41st30:19
3. Marsha Mills48Haddonfield47th31:05

1. Diane Hardies52Marlton51st31:48
2. Marjorie Travaline50Haddonfield63rd32:55
3. Ann Warsing56Maple Shade67th33:31

60-and-overAgeHometownPlace Time
1. Lorraine Cephus68Cherry Hill96th46:49
2. Betty Gardner70Palos Verdas, Calif.112th1:05:32
3. Carol Renne69Calabash, N.C.115th1:05:36

Thank You 1998 Scholarship Winners...

by The Kid

We were very fortunate to have three of the four recipients of The William H. Kile, Jr. Humanitarian Scholarship Fund involved with the race this year.

Pennsauken High School scholarship winners Kimberly Davies, Thomas Nigro and Timothy Killion were all on hand to help out and I couldn't have been more pleased with their presence.

With a little encouragement, Davies agreed to start the race, using my father's starter pistol as another gesture to honor him. After a couple misfires, the gun fired and the field of 117 participants were off and running. Nigro was out at the one-mile turnaround making sure all the fun-run participants knew where to go and he also helped direct the four-mile finishers onto the track. Killion, on the other hand, actually participated and finished an impressive 54th overall in 31:59.

Regretfully, I did not recognize Tim at either the start or awards' ceremony. I do apologize for the oversight.

Melanie Hedges, the fourth high school recipient, was on vacation and unable to be at the race.

Each recipient won $250 cash awards, while Howard Pfeifer Middle School graduates Robert Rosenheim and Fantasia Brown received $50 cash awards.

This year's race raised approximately $2,500 for the scholarship fund - the largest such memorial fund at the school - bringing the two-year race total to $5,500. Thank you for your support!

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