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Vol. 5, Issue 2 Lindenwold, NJ Race Edition, 2001

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Chance for Reflection in the Fifth Year

by William H. Kile III

It struck me driving into work a couple days after the race.

We're fortunate "as a family" to have this race. It gives us an opportunity to honor and remember a great man - loving, caring, compassionate and unselfish man who left us all too soon.

I think I knew my dad pretty well and I'm sure he wouldn't feel comfortable with all this attention, but he'd get a kick out of the fact that our family is involved with planning a road race. It's something that he always wanted to do, but never got the chance.

It's hard to believe that the race has a five-year history. A lot has happened to the Kile family in that time.

My mother, Nancy Kile, has established her own very successful paralegal business. My sister, Kim Suiter, is juggling a career and family with husband Dan and two beautiful children: Meghan, 6 and little two-year-old William Kile. "Fa fa" as Bill Kile, Jr. is remembered by his grand children, must have been smiling ear to ear when Meghan was the first girl to finish in the fun run this year. He would have been even prouder when Kim presented her daughter with the first-place trophy at the awards ceremony and the loud ovation Meghan received.

As for me, I have stayed involved with running with this race and working for Athlete's Korner Sports Timing Systems. I have also continued officiating high school track and field, establishing a presence at the state level since dad passed.

In addition, I was one of the officials honored at the Woodbury Relays this year, something I'm very proud of since my father received the same honor in 1996.

This event is a lot of hard work, but worth every minute I put into it because it's for my father. It's an honor to honor him and I'll continue to do it for as long as humanly possible.

Gary Knight, 22, of Philadelphia was this year's champion in his second BKMR appearance at 21:14. Two years ago he was third at 22:28.

Daniel Deichert, 16, of Gibbsboro placed second for the second year in a row at 21:46. His time last year was 22:23.

Carolyn Bujak, 49, of Palmyra was this year's female champion as she placed 25th out of 112 finishers in 27:59.

The race raised $1,000 for The William H. Kile Jr. Humanitarian Scholarship Fund at Pennsauken High School.

Thanks guys

A special thank you goes out to Kim Bandomer, Paul Sollimo, Robbie Kenney and Jim Hurley for helping out at registration and the water stop. I'd also regret not mentioning Art Redd of South Jersey Sports Online. Redd took pictures, wrote a story and listed complete results on the web at He also made a donation. Thanks Art!

5th Annual Bill Kile's Memorial Run 4-Mile Results

1.Gary Knight22Philadelphia, PA21:14
2.Daniel Deichert16Gibbsboro21:46
3.Pete Lively19Collingswood21:54
4.Neil Johnson36Palmyra22:00
5.T.J. Bruzek20Sewell22:28
6.Kevin Hurley17Marlton22:29
7.Jeff Samalonis32Blackwood22:58
8.Rob Hewitt20Turnersville23:19
9.Andrew Riviello17Voorhees23:29
10.Rick Boyle49Ringoes24:02
11.Andrew Wurster16Voorhees24:14
12.Ronnie Fagan17Merchantville24:23
13.Nicholas Economidis37Oaklyn24:50
14.Kasimir Bujak19Palmyra25:05
15.Matt Vetter16Cinnaminson25:19
16.Jeffrey Lizzio22Berlin26:00
17.Joshua Batushansky19Palmyra26:04
18.Tim Henry14Voorhees26:41
19.Warren Walker47Sewell26:44
20.Art Johnston36Cherry Hill26:53
21.Dave Treen43Cherry Hill27:00
22.Austin Close41Salisbury, MD27:30
23.Jim Flanagan63Haddonfield27:34
24.Bill Snyder30Palmyra27:56
25.Carolyn Bujak49Palmyra27:59
26.Christian Call37Aberdeen28:08
27.Jacci Clauss15Medford28:09
28.Kimberly Bonner14Medford28:25
29.Brian Sheehan43Voorhees28:46
30.Antoinette Snyder28Palmyra28:49
31.Thomas MacPhee17Voorhees28:57
32.David Jenkins52Woodbury29:10
33.Tom Osler61Glassboro29:17
34.Andy Lazovitz26Marlton29:20
35.Ray Lagreca37Camden29:20
36.Danielle Neukirch17Shamong29:21
37.George Jackson68Drexel Hill, PA30:00
38.Joseph Schissler16Woodbury30:05
39.Julia Zuback32Philadelphia, PA30:11
40.Bob Lewis37Delanco30:15
41.Corky Gardner46Ardmore, PA30:20
42.Bob Ellis58Medford30:22
43.Megan O'Halloran18Pennsauken30:25
44.Robert Purdy36Folsom, PA30:30
45.Lisa Carroll19Williamstown30:38
46.Dena Sauer27Marlton30:50
47.Joseph Grzybowski52Mount Laurel31:08
48.Ted Gerhart42Cherry Hill32:03
49.Susan Barrall37Medford32:18
50.Nicole Weidl17Shamong32:20
51.Randy Ellicott40Williamstown32:22
52.Carol Lelli58Ocean City32:23
53.Mallory Burns14Medford Lakes32:31
54.Joe Clauss51Medford32:36
55.George Morris67Haddonfield32:59
56.David Khanlian27Moorestown33:03
57.Michael Clavelli44Philadelphia, PA33:12
58.John Gavin43Audubon33:13
59.Marge Morris53Haddonfield33:25
60.Kile Smith44Philadelphia, PA33:13
61.Jean Lizzio48Berlin33:25
62.Bill Tanski50Medford33:33
63.Bob Thompson49Burlington33:53
64.Albert Vassey44Pennsauken34:07
65.Don McGinley35Pennsauken34:12
66.Norman Ostroff54Cherry Hill34:21
67.Matthew Burns12Medford Lakes34:23
68.Donna Waltz52Roebling34:37
69.Peter Scalia42Marlton34:40
70.Art Donnelly48Philadelphia, PA34:42
71.Robert Cole14Haddon Township34:52
72.Kristin Steelman23Paulsboro34:53
73.Ann Warsing59Maple Shade35:04
74.Matthew Pezzuto38Marlton35:18
75.Larry Bowne34Marlton35:19
76.Angela Washington-Bivans35Voorhees35:26
77.Tom Smiley67Berlin35:28
78.Ken Juray18Pennsauken35:30
79.Thomas Hoffman33Philadelphia, PA35:45
80.David Reape39Bryn Mawr, PA35:52
81.Fred Vanderslice58Haddon Heights36:35
82.Kathy Donnelly45Philadelphia, PA38:10
83.Avedis Aglidjan51Philadelphia, PA38:12
84.Jim Dougherty54Williamstown38:17
85.Kim Suiter35Marlton38:56
86.Michelle Murray49Westampton39:00
87.Madeleine Durso47Marlton39:07
88.Lorenzo Bivans31Voorhees39:32
89.Robin Goebel45Mount Laurel40:00
90.Joanne Peterson50Runnemede40:11
91.Jenifer Peischel38Mount Laurel40:24
92.Kile Suiter2Marlton40:54
93.Dan Suiter37Marlton40:54
94.Matthew Sommers19Pennsauken43:00
95.Susan Kinkle43Pittsgrove43:02
96.Maryann Bowne33Marlton44:02
97.Jerry Nolan74Philadelphia, PA44:30
98.Harry Berkowitz61Piscataway46:28
99.Priscilla Smith14Philadelphia, PA46:56
100.Joey Mooney9Medford Lakes47:06
101.Lorraine Cephus71Cherry Hill47:11
102.Lee Langmuir14Medford48:38
103.Caroline Townsend36Cherry Hill54:39
104.Ryan Goebel10Mount Laurel55:33
105.Maurita Bivans57Marlton57:33
106.Joan DiLorenzo70Myrtle Beach, SC58:07
107.Carol Renne72Egg Harbor Township58:37
108.Andrew Driscoll17Sicklerville58:47
109.Warren Driscoll50Sicklerville58:52
110.Rosalie Campor58Burlington59:40
111.Mary Langmuir40Medford1:07:46
112.Peggy Weir-Medford Lakes1:08:38

5th Annual Bill Kile's Memorial Run Age Group Results

Overall Males
1.Gary Knight22Philadelphia, PA
2.Daniel Deichert16Gibbsboro
3.Peter Lively19Collingswood
Male Masters
1.Rick Boyle49Ringoes10th24:02
14-and-under Males
1.Tim Henry14Voorhees18th26:41
2.Matthew Burns12Medford Lakes67th34:23
3.Robert Cole14Haddon Township71st34:52
15-18 Males
1.Kevin Hurley17Marlton6th22:29
2.Andrew Riviello17Voorhees9th23:29
3.Andrew Wurster16Voorhees11th24:14
19-29 Males
1.T.J. Bruzek20Sewell5th22:28
2.Rob Hewitt20Turnersville8th23:19
3.Kasimir Bujak19Palmyra14th25:05
30-39 Males
1.Neil Johnson36Palmyra4th22:00
2.Jeff Samalonis32Blackwood7th22:58
3.Nick Economidis37Oaklyn13th24:50
40-49 Males
1.Warren Walker47Sewell19th26:44
2.Dave Treen43Cherry Hill21st27:00
3.Austin Close41Salisbury, MD22nd27:30
50-59 Males
1.David Jenkins52Woodbury32nd29:10
2.Bob Ellis58Medford42nd30:22
3.Joseph Grzybowski52Mount Laurel47th31:08
60-and-over Males
1.Jim Flanagan63Haddonfield23rd27:34
2.Tom Osler61Glassboro33rd29:17
3.George Jackson68Drexel Hill, PA37th30:00
70-and-over Males
1.Jerry Nolan74Philadelphia, PA97th44:30
Overall Females
1.Carolyn Bujak49Palmyra25th27:59
2.Jacci Clauss15Medford27th28:09
3.Kimberly Bonner14Medford28th28:25
Female Masters
1.Carole Lelli58Ocean City52nd32:23
14-and-under Females
1.Mallory Burns14Medford Lakes53rd32:31
2.Priscilla Smith14Philadelphia, PA99th46:56
3.Lee Langmuir14Medford102nd48:38
15-18 Females
1.Danielle Neukirch17Shamong36th29:21
2.Megan O'Halloran18Pennsauken43rd30:25
3.Nicole Weidl17Shamong50th32:20
19-29 Females
1.Antoinette Snyder28Palmyra30th28:49
2.Lisa Carroll19Williamstown45th30:38
3.Kristin Steelman23Paulsboro72nd34:53
30-39 Females
1.Julia Zuback32Philadelphia, PA39th30:11
2.Susan Barrall37Medford49th32:18
3.Angela Washington-Bivans35Voorhees76th35:26
40-49 Females
1.Jean Lizzio48Berlin61st33:25
2.Kathy Donnelly45Philadelphia, PA82nd38:10
3.Michelle Murray49Westampton86th39:00
50-59 Females
1.Marge Morris53Haddonfield59th33:25
2.Donna Waltz52Roebling68th34:37
3.Ann Warsing59Maple Shade73rd35:04
60-and-over Females
70-and-over Females
1.Lorraine Cephus71Cherry Hill101st47:11
2.Joan DiLorenzo70Myrtle Beach, SC106th58:07
3.Carol Renne72Egg Harbor Township107th58:37

5th Annual Bill Kile's Memorial Run Fun Run Results

1.Tyler Franceschini8Haddonfield9:42
2.Kevin Franceschini36Haddonfield9:42
3.Aidan Suiter7Salem11:08
4.Megan Suiter6Marlton11:27
5.Danielle Ferdinand28Sewell11:31
6.Devon Suiter6Salem12:10
7.Dave Suiter41Salem13:07
8.John Khanlian56Moorestown14:07
9.Hannah Gardner11Ardmore, PA15:09
10.Robert Buderman51Pennsauken15:49
11.Bob Peischel42Mount Laurel16:22
12.Will Peischel6Mount Laurel16:22
13.Justin Mitchell11Mount Laurel18:28
14.Kelly Mitchell12Mount Laurel18:32
15.Zach Mitchell3Mount Laurel18:43
16.Liz Reinbold70Cherry Hill18:49
17.Beth Mitchell35Mount Laurel19:08
18.Ray Fraiser70Mount Holly19:12
19.Jacqueline Bull50Haddonfield19:22
20.Michael Bull50Haddonfield19:23
21.Christine McGinley37Pennsauken19:45
22.Christine Welch60+Marlton20:03
23.Jeanne-Marie Southwick35Medford20:35
24.Joline Scott33Medford Lakes20:36
25.Peggy Sutton53Pennsauken20:42
26.Don Beineman74Haddon Heights20:46
27.Marge Suiter58Paulsboro21:37
28.Carol Berth55Paulsboro21:38
29.Diane Suiter50Paulsboro21:38
30.Doug Gilmore48Marlton22:09
31.Linda Gilmore48Marlton22:09
32.Nancy Kile60Marlton23:26
33.Betty Gardner73Rolling Hills Estates23:27
34.Kimberly Zanikos34Brooklawn25:21
35.Jeanne Mangano35Thorofare25:22

2001 Recipients

of the
William H. Kile Jr. Humanitarian Scholarship Fund

by William H. Kile III

The 2001 William H. Kile Jr. Humanitarian Scholarship Fund was awarded to four Pennsauken High School students for the third time.

In June, graduating seniors Rebeca Aviles, Obubunmi Babajide, Emanuel Gomez and John Rogowskyj each received $1,000, while Howard Phifer Middle School graduates Fotios Malliaris and Marianne Zayas were also honored.

This year's run raised $1,000 for the scholarship fund. The William H. Kile Jr. Humanitarian Scholarship is the largest memorial fund at Pennsauken. In five years the race has raised $9,500.

On behalf of the entire Kile family, thank you for your continued support.

Previous Scholarship Winners

Pennsauken High School

2001 - Rebeca Aviles, Obubunmi Babajide, Emanuel Gomez, John Rogowskyj
2000 - Jennifer Esola, Isaac Gomez, Khang Le, Elizabeth Rodriguez
1999 - Steven Creel, Kerry Gallagher
1998 - Kim Davies, Melanie Hedges, Tim Killion, Tom Nigro
1997 - Kieu Cao, Emmett Dweh

Howard Phifer Middle School

2001 - Fotios Malliaris, Marianne Zayas
2000 - Nhan Nguyen, Gloria Wan
1999 - Jonathan Paolini
1998 - Fantasia Brown, Robert Rosenheim
1997 - William Smith

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