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Celebrate the Holiday Season with The Skating Club of Southern New Jersey

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

By Mike Costantino
SJSports Staff Writer

Jacquelyn Barr spends countless hours training and teaching the art of figure skating to young girls ranging in ages from 6-14, known as "The Skating Club of Southern New Jersey". Lessons start as early as 6:00 AM and there are always competitions or holiday shows to prepare for. Jacquelyn, along with her collaborator David Malpass is currently teaching 7 students and they skate at the Igloo rink in Mt. Laurel. They are preparing for their “Celebration of the Season” show that will take place this Sunday at the Igloo at 2:45 PM and the show is being choreographed by Karen Gooley. Recently the young girls competed in the Diamond state competition in Wilmington Delaware and six of the girls competed and they all performed at a high level and finished every event in the top five, (look for the results at the end of the article).

We spent some time with the girls as they were preparing their routines for the holiday show and asked them what are their dreams or goals and what do they like the best about skating:

Lauren Poliero from Haddonfield has been skating a total of four years and has dreams of competing in the Olympics and the thing she likes the best about skating is her coach.

Caroline Raschbaum also from Haddonfield, has been skating a little less than three years, doesn’t have aspirations towards the Olympics, but would love to be a coach. She likes jumping the best because she is not the best spinner.

Denise Schwinn from Moorestown has been skating for two years and has dreams of not only competing in the Olympics but winning a medal. She just likes skating because it’s just fun.

Danielle Piazza from Lumberton has only been skating for a few months and would love to join her teammates at the Olympic games and just enjoys skating and learning from her coach.

Kelly Muller from New Egypt has just started skating and is not sure about the Olympics but might want to teach and she just enjoys skating.

Eliana Roth from Cherry Hill has been skating about four years, has no preference of making the Olympics or touring with a professional ice show. Interestingly enough the thing she likes the best is when her coach buys her French fries, (kid after my own heart!).

Juliana May from Hainesport has been skating for about three years and would love to compete in the Olympics and possibly teaching. She also enjoys spinning.

All the girls mentioned their coach in some way and Jacquelyn says she really loves the ride and has taken some of the girls to Canada to train with Olympic and world level coaches. Finishing high school at the age of sixteen, Jacquelyn spent some time traveling with the Holiday on Ice, Ice Follies, in Europe; unfortunately she injured her knees and that ended her touring. Jacquelyn travels from Hamilton Square to Mt. Laurel and to her the trip is well worth it, and after meeting the young girls in the Skating Club, they are glad she makes the trip. With the Eagles playing on Sunday night this week what better way to spend the afternoon than checking out these future Olympians at the Igloo.

Diamond Competition- Wilmington, Delaware

Danielle Piazza Compulsory
Moves - 4th
Compulsory Spins - 3rd
Freestyle - 5th
Maneuver Team - 4th

Lauren Poliero
Compulsory Moves - 1st
Solo Dance - 3rd
Freestyle - 2nd
Compulsory Spins - 3rd
Maneuver Team - 4th

Eliana Roth
Showcase - 3rd
Maneuver Team - 4th

Caroline Raschbaum
Preliminary Freestyle - 5th
Compulsory Moves - 3rd
Compulsory Spins - 4th
Solo Dance - 4th
Maneuver Team - 4th

Denise Schwinn
Compulsory Moves - 4th
Compulsory Spins - 5th
Freestyle - 4th
Maneuver Team - 4th

Juliana May
Basic Skills - 4th

Photos by Art Redd

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