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South Jersey Soccer:
BTAA PeeWee Opens For The Season

Saturday, October 13, 2001

By Jim Larson
SJSports Special Correspondent

The PeeWee teams took the field for the first time as the regular scheduled started. The rain and wind from last week postponed the opening. The players had lots of fun and two PeeWee and one little peewee games were played.

With the first week of soccer postponed due to the weather, the Regulators were eager to show their talent. The first goal of the year was very unusual. The initial kick was from Mighty Mouse (J. Ernst), but was deflected by an awesome save. With the deflection directed to the foot of Devil Dog (J. Larsen) the shot was once again saved. Only this time, the goalie kicked the ball and was rebounded off the head of Mighty Mouse to finally reach the back of the goal (1 - 0). With the run of the field, S. Russo was able to assist Mighty Mouse with the second goal of the game. The third goal was scored with a combination pass from both A. Gilboy and W. Reynolds to J. Gold who was able to squeak the ball just past the determined keeper. The fourth, and final, goal was scored by Devil Dog. The ball was retrieved from the defensive players K. Lampett and B. Voginitz. With the defense at a whole, both N. Larsen and D. Tortu stood tall and protected their king. T. Mulger started the game as goalie. His great dives and long throws kept the first half scoreless. The second half was started with M. Perisi who followed suit, not only as a great defensive player but as a closing goalie. Thanks to coaches J. Ernst and coach D. Perisi for your guidance. 1-2-3 Regulators.

Photos by Gregg and Mary Williams

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