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South Jersey Soccer:
PeeWee Update Week 2

Saturday, October 20, 2001

By Coach Siddall & Coach Williams
SJSports Special Correspondent

PeeWee soccer is now into its second week and the Green Hornets were playing the Gold Eagles on Saturday. Both coaches from each team were very proud and supportive of their players. Coach Lisa Siddall and Coach Mary Williams recapped their teams performances on the second week of PeeWee soccer.

Coach Lisa Siddall

Team Siddall (Green Hornets) played Team Travis (Gold Eagles). The Hornets won with a score of 4-0. R. Steranko had 3 goals and M. Siddall had 1 goal. N. Gostkowski and S. Wysocki had many amazing saves in goal. T. Williamson was our strength on defense. T. Check and N. Martell hustled and showed great determination throughout the entire game. S. Siddall and W. Marchewka were the most improved players of the week. I admire my team for their great sportsmanship. I am so proud of you all.

Coach Mary Williams

Although no one from the Gold Eagles was able to score, there was lots of praise to be had for their terrific game play. Shots on goal by A. Williams, D. Montalto, and G. Ortiz were all close calls. C. Travis, B. Weisman, S. Aloi, and C. Underwood showed skill in the backfield, helping keepers G. Ortiz and N. Cavarocchi. The offensive threat was aided by R. Aloi, R. Jannini, and B. Reilly. Everyone plays their hardest, and fun was had by all, so I think the loss was still a winning day for our guys.

Photos Gregg Williams

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