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BTAA Midget Soccer Plays For Fun

Saturday, September 19, 1998

By Gina Jarrell
SJSports Special Correspondent

BTAA Midget Soccer's season opened this past Saturday with 2 fun filled, shin-kicking games taking place. The first game saw Team American Express play Team NTI followed by Team Xerox playing Team Sundaes.

Highlights are as follows:

Team American Express played a good game against Team NTI with the final score of Team American Express 2, Team NTI 1. C. Jones scored both goals for Team American Express. Also playing very well for Team American Express was W. Heppe. J. Bloom scored the goal for Team NTI with the assist coming from J. Brecker. It was an exciting game.

Rounding out the opening day's matches was Team Xerox playing Team Sundaes. By the time this game was played, the temperature was soaring and the kid's Gatorade was disappearing quickly. Both teams played valiantly. The final score was Team Sundaes 1, Team Xerox 0. M. Williams scored the one and only goal in this game. And what a goal it was. C. Johnson and M. Foster assisted her. S. Mills and C. Steiner kept the ball on the offense for Team Xerox.

Everyone played a good game.

The BTAA Midget Soccer Players would like to send a special thanks to their sponsors: American Express, NTI, Xerox, and Sundaes.

All coaches would like to thank the parents for their participation and support.

Jim Law

A special thanks to Referee Jim Law for donating his time and leadership. Mr. Law has been instrumental in creating and supporting the Berlin Township Athletic Association Soccer League for the past 28 years. His efforts, such as introducing George O'Neill of the Philadelphia Atoms (a professional soccer team), helped to produce 28 years worth of soccer players, coaches and fans in the area. Once his kids grew out of the league, he devoted his time to refereeing and continued to offer guidance and support. He has graciously agreed to donate his time in an "Ask the Ref" section for South Jersey Sports Online, located at

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