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BTAA Midget Soccer On The Move

Saturday, October 10, 1998

By Gina Jarrell
SJSports Special Correspondent

The BTAA Soccer Midgets played again this past Saturday October 10, 1998. In the first game, Team NTI played Team Xerox (1-0). R. Burns scored the one and only goal for this game for Team NTI. N. Snyder and J. Brecker did some fancy moves keeping Team Xerox from scoring and keeping Team NTI undefeated. For Team Xerox, J. Sabin and A. Scott played great offense challenging the goalie while S. Mills had some great defensive plays. Fun was had by all including the parents.

Game two saw Team American Express play Team Sundaes with the final score of 2-1. N. Smarra and W. Heppe both scored goals for Team American Express with great Defense coming from B. Crowther and S. Wahl in keeping Team Sundaes to 1 goal. Team Sundaes goal came from S. Viereek with M. Terilla and B. Garrison providing great defense.


See you next week at 9:00 am at Luke Avenue.

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