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South Jersey Soccer:
BTAA Midget Soccer Wraps Up Season

Saturday, October 24, 1998

By Gina Jarrell
SJSports Special Correspondent

The BTAA Soccer Midgets took to the field on Saturday for their last game of the season. In the first game, Team Xerox played Team Sundaes (0-0) and Team American Express played Team NTI (0-1). R. Burns scored the only goal for the winners.

Since all the kids played so well this season, all their names need mentioning:

Team American Express
Chris Bright
Brandon Crowther
Willy Heppe
Ciarra Jones
Viana Novella
Chris Rubin
Nicholas Smarra
Stephanie Wahl
Mary Wozny

Team NTI
Jamie Lee Bloom
Joshua Brecker
Lacey Phelps
Sarah Rickert
Ashley Romeo
Joseph Rosell
Ryan Sheehan
Nicole Snyder
Monica Sparks

Team Sundaes
Tammy Beaver
Michelle Foster
Briana Garrison
Chris Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Samantha Lemm
Michelle Terilla
Sean Viereck
Megan Williams

Team Xerox
Amy Jarrell
Daulton Law
Amanda Lemm
Dante Magazzu
Jessica Mills
Stephanie Mills
Nicole Pierce
Jenney Sabin
Andy Scott Jr.
Christopher Steiner


See you next week at 9:30am at Luke Avenue for a special game of Kids vs. Parents.

As a special reminder, basketball registration starts November 4th. Please remember to register your child.

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Photos by Brian Law

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