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South Jersey Soccer:
BTAA Midget Soccer Kids Win!

Saturday, October 31, 1998

By Bob Stewart
SJSports Staff Writer

On Halloween morning, the Berlin Township Midget Soccer League (all 4 teams) played their coaches and parents. Linus was still looking for the Great Pumpkin, because Coach and League Co-ordinator Brian Law had it stashed on the soccer field. The game ball was painted bright orange, fresh for the morning's event.

The game started off with a combined Team Sundaes and Team American Express squaring off against the coaches. The kids scored the first goal to go up 1-0. With parents and coaches both tiring quickly, the substitutions started early. The game went end to end until the parents scored to tie the game. It was the kids' turn to sub, and so Team Xerox and Team NTI came onto the field. The kids scored again to make it 2-1. The parents came back late in the second quarter to tie it again. At half time, everyone took a break to meet in front of the goal for a group photo. The kids returned in the second half to score four more goals to win 6-2.

The parents and players would like to thank all of the coaches for donating their time and experience to teach, coach, and encourage the kids to love the sport of soccer. It was a terrific season.

Parents, Coaches, and players would also like to thank Mr. Jim Law for giving his time to referee two games each Saturday morning. Mr. Law continues to support the sport of soccer by hosting a question and answer site on South Jersey Sports Online - Ask The Ref!

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Photos by Brian Law

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