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BTAA PeeWee Update - Game One

Saturday, October 7, 2000

By Jim Larsen
SJSports Special Correspondent

Today was a victory for Team 2 over Team 4. R. Pinson led the 1-0 victory with a goal that was assisted by N. Di Mario. The combination of goalies T. Williamson and A. Casterioto did not allow anything past them but air! The offense and defense worked together as one to bring home the win.

Team 4 was defeated by Team 2 by the score of 1-0. Team 4 showed great effort to keep the game close. S. Viereck was very aggressive on offense, as well as her teammates. With great agility from M. Laganella, who played goalie, C. Travis, who dominated on defense, and the awesome team spirit from all of the players helped maintain the low scoring game.

Photos by Boog Williams

BTAA PeeWee Update - Game Two

Team 1 and Team 3 had a very competitive game. Team 1 lead the game 2-0 through the first half. The first two goals from Team 1 were scored by K. Anderson, who ended up pulling off a 'HAT-KICK', and scoring their 3rd goal in the fourth quarter. J. Bradley, P. Aakash, and K. Soistmann shared the responsibility of great goal keepers. The defense was the combination of R. Aloi, R. Jannini, and S. Nicoletto. Offense consisted of G. Gaynor, W. Reynolds, and M. Siddall who assisted K. Anderson in his three goals.

Team 3 came back powerful in the second half. N. Yaworski scored back to back goals, assisted from J. Gold, and P. Dietrich. A. Gilboy, K. Ford, M. Parisi and B. Wiseman all worked very hard on offense, keeping the ball on their Opponent's side of the field. B. Bogenitz had a great game in goal, as did J. Gold. J. Larsen and J. Ernst also had an awesome game, using their passing skills which had them up and down the field. With very little time left, A. Parisi saw an opportunity and scored the goal that tied the game. 'Regulators' - JOB WELL DONE!!

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