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BTAA PeeWee - Week 5 Update

Saturday, October 14, 2000

By Jim Larsen
SJSports Special Correspondent

THE "REGULATORS" REMAIN UNDEFEATED. With excellent goal tending from J. Larsen, the game remained a shut out. The win could not have happened without the efforts of his teammates. On defense were J. Gold, B. Wiesman, P. Dietrich, and M. Parisi, who all stood their ground and made the game competitive. The offense for the REGULATORS was passing and shooting better then ever. J. Ernst, N. Yaworski, A. Gilboy, and K. Ford worked great together to assist the team. B. Vogenitz showed his determination to score on Saturday, so watch out Team 4. Our game saver goes to A. Parisi, who had the only score of the game and kept the REGULATORS record True. JOB WELL DONE.

Team 2 showed their team efforts have increased, as well as, their soccer skills. The score tells all. S. Gavin and D. Montalto kept the game close with tremendous saves. They were backed up by their hard working defense. B. Rodrigues, T. Finnegan, J. Pinto, T. Williams, and A. Casterioto maintained their endurance throughout the game. N. DiMario, A. Williams, C. Underwood, R. Pinson and D.Carr all ran the field to the very last minute. Team 2 put on an awesome display of tenacity.

Team 1 has proved their consistency with a 5-0 victory over team 4. K. Anderson had another "HAT KICK", with assistance from his teammates. J. Bradley and A. Patel both had a goal that was assisted from their teammates. The remaining Offense for Team 3 were M. Siddall, G. Gaynor and R. Jannini, who performed and showed their efforts to win. R. Jannini had an excellent game. K. Soistmann showed her agility in net to get the shot out. The defense worked as hard as the offense. W. Reynolds, S. Nicoletto, and R. Aloi kept their opponents at a distance. Congratulations on Taylor's first game.

Even though Team 4 was defeated, the morale of the team remained high. Goaltenders for Team 4 were P. Dawson, M. Laganella, and K. Park. Although goals were scored, the trio made many saves. The defensive players for Team 4 were C. Travis, M. Mondile, G. Dawson, and D. Viereck. The defense worked hard to block their opponents. The defense never lost their spirit. Forwards for Team 4 were S. Viereck, R. Johnson, T. Check, L. Ross, and M. Giraldi.

Photos by Boog Williams

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