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South Jersey Soccer:
Week 6 Update For PeeWee Soccer

Saturday, October 21, 2000

By Bob Stewart
SJSports Staff Writer

Another victory for Team One. The 6-0 victory was the result of hard work and determination. K. Anderson had 4 goals and was assisted by J. Bradley and A. Patel, who each had a goal as well. With a demanding defense, M. Siddal, T. Hughes, G. Gaynor, and K. Soistmann were able to keep Team Two's shots on goal to a minimum. Goalies for Team One were R. Janini and W. Reynolds.

Although Team Two did not bring forth a victory, they worked hard as a team. For the offense of Team Two, R. Pinson, N. Dimario, J. Pinto, and A. Williams kept the ball moving in a forward direction. The defense, consisting of C. Underwood, D. Pigliacelli, and T. Finnigan, kept their spirits high and never gave up. Goaltenders for Team Two were B. Rodrigues, D. Montaldo, A. Casterioto, and S. Gavin.

A very comical game for Team Three and Team Four! For Team Four, with great team effort, goals were scored by M. Laganella and R. Johnson. Goalies for Team Four were C. Travis, K. Park, and M. Mondile. The defense, D. Viereck, L. Rose, and K. Park, held back Team Three from many chances to score. The offense, S. Viereck, G. Dawson, and P. Dawson were able to bring their team to score.

The 4-2 victory of Team Three was exciting! A. Parisi scored 2 of the goals, with N. Yaworski and P. Dietrich each scoring one. Goalies for Team Three were J. Larsen, and K. Ford. Working with the goalies, were the defensemen B. Vogenitz, J. Gold, B. Wiesman, and M. Parisi, who kept the score to a minimum. As for the offense, J. Ernst, and A. Gilboy helped the Regulators to another victory. WAY TO GO, REGULATORS!!

Photos by Boog Williams

Game 1

Game 2

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