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BTAA Pee Wee Soccer: The Start of A New Season

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

By Bob Stewart
SJSports Staff Writer

The Berlin Township Athletic Association Pee Wee soccer started practicing for the 1999 season this past week. The teams are made up of boys and girls ages 5, 6, and 7 years old. This year, the teams will be playing at a new location. It is the Day Avenue Field; BTAA roller hockey also played at this site.

The coaches for the Pee Wee soccer hand out a letter to each player and parent about "The Responsibilities of Sportsmanship." Every athlete, coach and parent should read this:

The Responsibilities of Sportsmanship


  1. Treats his/her own players, opponents with respect.
  2. Inspires in the athletes a love for the game and the desire to compete fairly.
  3. Is the type of person he/she wants the athletes to be.
  4. Disciplines those on the team who display unsportsmanlike behavior.
  5. Respects the judgment and interpretation of the rules by the official(s).
  6. Knows he/she is a teacher, and understands the athletic area is a classroom.
  1. Treats opponents with respect.
  2. Plays hard, but plays within the rules.
  3. Exercises self-control at all times, setting the example for others to follow.
  4. Respects officials and accepts their decisions without gesture or argument.
  5. Wins without boasting, loses without excuses, and never quits.
  6. Always remembers that it is a privilege to represent the team and community.
  1. Attempts to understand and be informed of the playing rules.
  2. Appreciates a good play no matter who makes it.
  3. Cooperates with and responds enthusiastically to cheerleaders.
  4. Shows compassion for an injured player, applauds positive performances, does not heckle, jeer or distract players, and avoids the use of profane and obnoxious language and behavior
  5. Respects the judgments and strategy of the coaches, and does not criticize players or coaches for the loss of a game.
  6. Respects property of others and authority of those who administer the competition.
  7. Censures those whose behavior is unbecoming.

The players, coaches and fans would like to thank the following for sponsoring the four Pee Wee teams. Back for a second year are American Express Financial (AEF), Xerox, and NTI. New to this year is the Berlin Rotary Club.

The season begins on Saturday, September 11th at 9 AM and end on October 30th. The schedule is as follows:

Date (All Saturday)9:00 AM10:30 AM
September 11NTI vs. AEFXerox vs. Berlin RC
September 18Xerox vs. AEFBerlin RC vs. NTI
September 25Berlin RC vs. AEFXerox vs. NTI
October 2Xerox vs. Berlin RCAEF vs. NTI
October 9NTI vs. XeroxAEF vs. Berlin RC
October 16Berlin RC vs. NTIAEF vs. Xerox
October 23NTI vs. XeroxAEF vs. Berlin RC
October 30NTI vs. AEFXerox vs. Berlin RC

Photos by Boog Williams

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