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South Jersey Soccer:
Opening Day For BTAA Pee Wee Soccer

Saturday, September 11, 1999

By Brian Law
SJSports Special Correspondent

The season started bright and early Saturday morning. The opener saw great action between teams American Express Financial Advisors (AEF) and National Telecommunications Inc. (NTI). Team AEF started scoring early in the second quarter with a blast from the foot of S. Shainline,then two minutes later Shainline scored again. Team NTI came back with a hat trick from R. Sheehan. Then team AEF tied the gamed with a goal from K. Anderson. The game saw great action from NTI's B. Godaza and M. Sparks. The game ended in a 3-3 tie.

Click here for photos from Game 1 (9:00 AM).

The second game also had its share of action between teams Xerox and the Berlin Rotary. C. Steiner started the scoring followed by D. Law. Xerox had a 2-0 lead at the half. A. Marone from Xerox scored his first goal ever to keep the lead. Berlin Rotary started their comeback scoring a fourth quarter goal by S. Vierick, with good support with the play of M. Williams and M. Foster. Team Xerox player of the game was M. Swain as goalie with 15 saves on the day. Xerox won 3-1.

Click here for photos from Game 2 (10:30 AM).

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