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South Jersey Soccer:
BTAA Pee Wee Soccer Week Two

Saturday, September 18, 1999

By Brian Law
SJSports Special Correspondent

Week two brought more excitement to the midget program. The first game saw team Xerox score three goals from C. Steiner, D. Law, A. Marone, and also great play by P. Dawson. The AEF played a great game. Their star players were A. Parisi, M. Wozny and A. Silva. Team Xerox won 3-0.

Click here for photos from Game 1 (9:00 AM).

Game two had high power offense from Berlin Rotary playing NTI. Rotary scored twice, both goals off the strong foot of S. Vierick and assisting the goals was his sister S. Vierick. R. Johnson played goalie and recorded the win. NTI scored one by M. Sparks. Playing strong defense was G. Morris and S. Sheenan. Berlin Rotary recorded their first win of the season.

Click here for photos from Game 2 (10:30 AM).

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