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South Jersey Soccer:
BTAA Team Sundaes Ends A Great Season

Saturday, November 7, 1998

By Bob Stewart
SJSports Staff Writer

The players of team Sundaes and friends ended their season with a game against the parents. The players and friends consisted of B. Garrison, T. Beaver, S. Lemm, M. Williams, M. Foster, R. Johnson, C. Johnson, S. Viereck, R. Lemm, A. Williams, D. Lemm, and M. Johnson. The Kids licked their parents just like they licked their ice cream after the game.

The parents started off strong, but failed to score after a few runs up and down the field. The kids scored a total of 6 goals to the parents 2. When the game was over, Coach Mike told the kids they had to do one more thing before they went to the sponsor, Sundaes. They all had to take a penalty shot against coach Scot. The players all took shots on him; even some of the parents.

The team headed to Sundaes to have an end of the season party. The players and parents would love to thank Coach Mike, Coach Debbie and Coach Scott for all their work and time. At Sundaes the Coaches gave the players awards for playing and the players gave the coaches gift certificates. It was a great year for Sundaes soccer as well as the rest of the BTAA midget program.

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