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Girls U-13 Premier

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Girls U-13 Premier Schedule

Date Time Teams Score Site
Sat., May. 23 11:30 AM Morris Utd Mystery Voorhees Dynamite 3-1 Echelon Complex 1
Sat., May. 23 2:40 PM Balt Shakedowns Prodigy Manheim Hot Spurs 0-6 Cherokee High School 5
Sat., May. 23 3:30 PM Lower Merion Dynamite Freehold BOM Strikers 2-1 Cherokee High School 4
Sat., May. 23 7:00 PM Balt Shakedowns Prodigy Morris Utd Mystery 0-4 Echelon Complex 1
Sat., May. 23 7:00 PM Voorhees Dynamite Freehold BOM Strikers 1-1 Kirkwood Park 1
Sat., May. 23 7:20 PM Manheim Hot Spurs Lower Merion Dynamite 5-1 Echelon Complex 4
Sun., May. 24 8:00 AM Voorhees Dynamite Balt Shakedowns Prodigy 5-0 Echelon Complex 3
Sun., May. 24 10:20 AM Morris Utd Mystery Lower Merion Dynamite 2-1 Eastern High School 6
Sun., May. 24 12:50 PM Freehold BOM Strikers Manheim Hot Spurs 1-1 Echelon Complex 3
Sun., May. 24 4:20 PM Freehold BOM Strikers Balt Shakedowns Prodigy 0-1 Echelon Complex 3
Sun., May. 24 5:00 PM Lower Merion Dynamite Voorhees Dynamite 2-1 Cherokee High School 5
Sun., May. 24 5:50 PM Manheim Hot Spurs Morris Utd Mystery 2-1 Echelon Complex 3

NOTE: All schedules subject to change without notice.


Girls U-13 Premier Red
1Balt Shakedowns Prodigy1303
2Freehold BOM Strikers0222
3Lower Merion Dynamite2206
4Manheim Hot Spurs30110
5Morris Utd Mystery3109
6Voorhees Dynamite1214


Girls U-13 Premier Playoff Results

Finals Winner
   Manheim Hot Spurs   2   
     Morris Utd Mystery    
   Morris Utd Mystery  3   


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