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Girls U-11 Gold Schedule

Date Time Teams Score Site
Sat., May. 29 9:10 AM Wall Mustangs Danbury Dynamite 0-7 Giangiulio 1
Sat., May. 29 1:00 PM Parsippany Pumas Evesham Earthquakes 0-3 Giangiulio 1
Sat., May. 29 2:10 PM Wall Mustangs Freehold Fireballs 0-4 Giangiulio 1
Sat., May. 29 6:00 PM Danbury Dynamite Evesham Earthquakes 6-1 Giangiulio 1
Sat., May. 29 7:10 PM Freehold Fireballs Parsippany Pumas 5-2 Giangiulio 1
Sun., May. 30 8:00 AM Evesham Earthquakes Freehold Fireballs 3-1 Giangiulio 1
Sun., May. 30 9:10 AM Parsippany Pumas Wall Mustangs 2-2 Giangiulio 1
Sun., May. 30 1:00 PM Freehold Fireballs Danbury Dynamite 3-2 Giangiulio 1
Sun., May. 30 2:10 PM Evesham Earthquakes Wall Mustangs 2-1 Giangiulio 1
Sun., May. 30 6:00 PM Danbury Dynamite Parsippany Pumas 6-1 Giangiulio 1

NOTE: All schedules subject to change without notice.


Girls U-11 Gold Red
1Danbury Dynamite3109
2Evesham Earthquakes3109
3Freehold Fireballs3109
4Parsippany Pumas0311
5Wall Mustangs0311


Girls U-11 Gold Playoff Results

Finals Winner
   Danbury Dynamite   4   
     Danbury Dynamite    
   Freehold Fireballs   2   


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