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Girls U-13 Gold Schedule

Date Time Teams Score Site
Fri., May 28 6:00 PM PYAA Patriots Voorhees Volcanos 1-1 Echelon Complex 1
Fri., May 28 7:15 PM Medford Magic Marlton Zoom 1-1 Echelon Complex 1
Sat., May 29 8:00 AM Marlton Zoom Delran Devils 1-4 Echelon Complex 1
Sat., May 29 8:20 AM Voorhees Volcanos West Deptford Koalas 0-4 Echelon Complex 2
Sat., May 29 9:10 AM Medford Magic Indian Mills Binotz 0-1 Edgewood High School 2
Sat., May 29 9:10 AM PYAA Patriots Maroons SC White 3-0 Edgewood High School 6
Sat., May 29 1:00 PM Delran Devils Voorhees Volcanos 2-1 Eastern High School 1
Sat., May 29 2:10 PM West Deptford Koalas Marlton Zoom 2-0 Edgewood High School 2
Sat., May 29 3:20 PM Indian Mills Binotz PYAA Patriots 1-2 Edgewood High School 2
Sat., May 29 3:20 PM Maroons SC White Medford Magic 1-4 Edgewood High School 6
Sun., May 30 8:00 AM Voorhees Volcanos Indian Mills Binotz 1-2 Echelon Complex 1
Sun., May 30 8:20 AM Delran Devils PYAA Patriots 1-1 Echelon Complex 4
Sun., May 30 8:20 AM Marlton Zoom Maroons SC White 6-0 Echelon Complex 2
Sun., May 30 9:30 AM West Deptford Koalas Medford Magic 3-0 Edgewood High School 3
Sun., May 30 1:20 PM Indian Mills Binotz Delran Devils 0-3 Edgewood High School 3
Sun., May 30 1:20 PM Maroons SC White West Deptford Koalas 0-4 Edgewood High School 5

NOTE: All schedules subject to change without notice.


Girls U-13 Gold Red
1Marlton Zoom1214
2Maroons SC White0400
3Medford Magic1214
4West Deptford Koalas40012


Girls U-13 Gold White
5Delran Devils30110
6Indian Mills Binotz2206
7PYAA Patriots2028
8Voorhees Volcanos0311


Girls U-13 Gold Playoff Results

Semi-finals Finals Winner
   West Deptford Koalas          
     West Deptford Koalas       
   PYAA Patriots        
         West Deptford Koalas    
   Delran Devils        
     Medford Magic      
   Medford Magic          

NOTE: Any questions concerning scores should be directed to the Voorhees Soccer Association. We will be unable to post any missing scores until the Voorhees Soccer Association decides to supply that information.


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