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Voorhees Soccer Association Is Not Just Players...

Saturday, May 29, 1999

By Art Redd
SJSports Staff Writer

By now, thousands of people have been introduced to or are just continuing participants in the 7th Annual Memorial Day Classic. The Voorhees Soccer Association has been a way of life in the South Jersey soccer world over past Memorial Day weekends. Of course the tournament is set up for girls and boys ranging between 7 and 18 years old, but there are other people who play an important part of making the VSA tournament experience an enjoyable one.

Take for instance the field marshals at each soccer complex. Field marshal Lisa Buzzard is one of just many people who volunteer their time to register each and every person on a team validating each member's eligibility. Besides other duties, each score is recorded and turned in to the main tent to be reported to the main complex. Bill Merget is another field marshal working the games at the Giangiulio site recording all the scores. But Merget, like many others, also serves as a coach, parent or guardian of kids participating in the tournament. He keeps a close eye on his U-9 Girl's Voorhees Wildcats.

Next, the men and women of the Voorhees Police Department makes it easier for drivers who have found that key parking space at the Echelon Complex make their way back out of the jammed parking lot. Officer Ed Simpson gives you the opportunity to get in and out and on your way when the traffic gets hot and heavy. Officer Simpson is a well-known policeman who gets a friendly wave from just about everyone.

Mmm, just like last year one could smell the aroma of the burgers on the grill. Experienced cook Matt Robins was busy handling the request for chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas, snacks and water on the first day. Just another one of many service stands throughout each site giving you the comforts of home over the four-day soccer tournament.

At each site, Cooper Health Systems provides a first aid tent to attend to the injuries that occur during the game. Our own Forrest Robleto is one of many EMT's who volunteer their time handling the cuts and bruises. Yes, there are times that they are just sitting around for hours without a single patient (which is hopefully what they will do for the whole tournament!). But they need to be commended for providing the capability of handling any potential injury that might arise. Thanks to Forrest, Mary Sanders, Mitch Siegal, Bob Gardner and Warren Abair.

The VSA strongly believes that soccer is for the kids. With that principle, they will not sacrifice quality of play and atmosphere for profit. For all that the people associated with VSA do for the tournament illustrates how they all agree on the reason that VSA was established...the KIDS, KIDS, KIDS.

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Photos by Art Redd

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