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South Jersey Soccer:
Barons Lose Miles To Wizards But Win the Game

Saturday, June 24, 2000

By Forrest Robleto
SJSports Staff Writer

The South Jersey Barons lost their top scorer to the Delaware Wizards. Matt Miles showed up for the match up between the South Jersey Barons and the Delaware Wizards but he showed up for the wrong team. Apparently Matt Miles left the team due to a falling out with Coach Matt Driver. Neither of then would reveal much about the move, but the scuttlebutt around the field was that it had something to do with a disagreement about how Matt was being played. The consensus was that the Barons (7-3) might have a tough time against the (4-4) Wizards with Miles on their side, and that Matt might score a few goals. It wasn't to be. Matt got a goal and an assist and an ejection.

At the twelve minute mark Michael Payne, who played a very fine game, laid a nice cross that Mark Southern put decisively home. Payne did most of the work beating several defenders to get the cross off so cleanly, but Mark Southern made no mistake on the six yarder giving Wizards keeper Joe Bocklet no chance at all.


A few minutes later the Barons seemed to score again with a fluky kind of ball that bounced oddly and then bounced off the back of the keepers neck into the goal, but the officials ruled that it was not a goal without explanation. The Wizards came right back and at the 21 minute mark Matt Miles in familiar manner popped a goal in behind the Barons keeper Paul Royal.

Blamo Kwein picked the ball up off a clearing kick from the defense, dribbled it in to about the 15-yard mark and fired it past a hapless Joe Bocklet. (2-1)

Mark Southern made the crowd go OOH when the ball rebounded from Wizards keeper, and Mark missed the header but caught the ball with his foot behind his back. But the ball didn't go in and the Wizards responded with another goal by Kevin Kelly off a rebound from a Matt Miles shot. The half-ended (2-2).

The Barons wasted no time at all in the second half. Mark Southern returned the favor for Mike Payne from the first goal. He gave the ball to Mike who put in a boomer of a shot from 40 yards that had the Wizard keeper diving toward the post. This gave the Barons a lead that they would not lose again.

Pat Morris combined with Matt Brooks to make an insurance goal at the 72-minute mark to make it (4-2) and it was good that they did.

Matt Miles got a yellow his second of the game and a red and was led from the game. The Barons visibly relaxed and the Wizards turned it up and for the next few minutes that Wizards definitely led the play. But Paul Royal stood tall as he usually does in these situations and the game would have ended (4-2) except for a late penalty shot that made it (4-3).

The Barons meet the Cape Cod Crusaders Saturday July 1, 2000 at Carey Stadium in Ocean City.

Photos by Forrest Robleto

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