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South Jersey Soccer:
Jersey Barons Humiliated by Lowly Crusaders

Saturday, July 1, 2000

By Forrest Robleto
SJSports Staff Writer

Things didn't look good before the game. The Baron's were without Paul Zgalich and Payne due to suspensions and Blamo Kwein was not present or accounted for. Midfielder Huey Ferguson was out due to an injury and midfielder Pat Hickey was getting married. Things didn't get any better when the game started.

SJB01G0a.jpgThe Crusaders spent no time getting on the board at the 1-minute mark. Geoff Walker slipped a rebound from a Ross Sander shot by Keeper Paul Royal while the rest of the Barons stood and watched. At 32-minute mark the Barons were given a penalty shot (these heavily favor the shooter). They were stymied once again as Zohn, the Crusader keeper, guessed correctly and didn't move against the shot by Matt Brooks. Five minutes later, Geoff Walker put the second shot on goal for the Crusaders and scored. Farzhad assisted on that goal then scored one of his own on the next Crusader shot about a minute later.

About ten minutes into the second half, the Barons put Majik Agu in and it appeared that the Barons might finally generate some offense. But it was not to be. The closest they came to scoring the entire day found Majik alone in the goal-mouth with the keeper dashing madly back to position. Magic was less than two yards from the goal with no defenders and still managed not to score.

Mercifully this awful spectacle of a game came to an end with the division trailers taking the win and the division leaders with no points.

The Barons get to wash this one down with two away games (7/2 at New Brunswick and 7/8 at New Hampshire. The Barons return to Carey Stadium on July 16 at 6:00PM to face one of their favorite rivals the New Jersey Stallions.

Photos by Forrest Robleto

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