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African-American History Month: Briana Scurry

Sunday, February 24, 2002

By Meaghan Williams
SJSports Student Correspondent

The following is an article by a 4th grade student. We at South Jersey Sports Online are happy to see that most kids are tainted by a win-win-win attitude. This student values the player's sportsmanship, as much as she appreciates that Brianna Scurry was an integral part of a Championship winning team.

Briana Scurry was born on September 7,1971 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but grew up in Daytona, Minnesota. She went to college at the University of Massachusetts and graduated in the spring of 1995. Yes my person is still alive.

An important thing she did to become famous was lead the United States Soccer team to the World Cup. She shut out China in game time and in overtime. She led the team in game time by not letting any shots by her. She led the team in overtime by stopping all three shots that came at her. She also really got the team to the World Cup because of all the shut outs she accomplished during the World Cup rounds. The other reason is she got many trophies in her college seasons like MVP and led the Minutewomen team to the finals and won against that team.

Yes I would like to be Briana Scurry. I would like to be her because she led the team to the World Cup finals, and wasn't in despair. She also didn't get in their faces, and brag about how they lost. I would also like to be her because when she let one in she didn't get mad and upset because she knew they would have another chance. The last two reasons are because she volunteered to work for Aids awareness and research program. She also volunteered her time to help with Make a Wish foundation.

I learned that she is a great player. I learned this because she had a lot of courage and strength to do what she did for the team, and herself. She also had great sportsmanship because she didn't get out of control. I think she didn't get out of control because she thought of what it would feel like if people treated her like that. This is what I learned from researching my famous black American report.

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