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South Jersey Soccer:
11th Annual Vineland Memorial Day Tournament

Saturday, May 29, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

The Vineland Soccer Association's 11th Annual Memorial Day Weekend Tournament was the largest and best attended in history, as well as, the sunniest and HOTTEST. 156 teams from Delaware, Southern and Central New Jersey, Long Island, NY and Southeastern Pennsylvania brought players to Vineland. That comes to a total of about 2,300 soccer players. Adding in families and fans, this brings the total number of people to over 7,000 attending. The event brings in more than $1.4 million in hotel rooms, food, drinks, ice, and lots of suntan lotion.

The teams played on 17 fields in the area of Vineland. The main site was the Vineland Soccer Center, with 10 fields, Vineland High School, with 2 fields, Memorial Middle School, with 2 fields, Gittone Park, with 2 fields, and Gittone Stadium. The championship games were held at the Stadium.

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The following are some action photos of the 0 - 0 tie between Pittsgrove (NJ) and Upper Township (NJ) Boys, and the 6 - 1 win for Kirkwood (Del) over Berlin Township (NJ) Girls. Also the Vineland Crusaders versus Upper Twp. Surge.

Photos by Boog Williams

Pittsgrove SC United 0, Upper Twp. Twisters 0

BU16V885thumb.jpg BU16V886thumb.jpg BU16V887thumb.jpg BU16V888thumb.jpg BU16V889thumb.jpg BU16V891thumb.jpg BU16V893thumb.jpg BU16V894thumb.jpg BU16V895thumb.jpg BU16V896thumb.jpg BU16V899thumb.jpg BU16V900thumb.jpg BU16V901thumb.jpg BU16V902thumb.jpg BU16V903thumb.jpg BU16V904thumb.jpg BU16V905thumb.jpg BU16V906thumb.jpg

Kirkwood SC Avalanche 6, Berlin Twp. Blitz 1

GU15V001thumb.jpg GU15V002thumb.jpg GU15V004thumb.jpg GU15V005thumb.jpg GU15V006thumb.jpg GU15V007thumb.jpg GU15V008thumb.jpg GU15V009thumb.jpg GU15V010thumb.jpg GU15V011thumb.jpg GU15V013thumb.jpg GU15V015thumb.jpg GU15V016thumb.jpg GU15V019thumb.jpg GU15V020thumb.jpg GU15V021thumb.jpg GU15V025thumb.jpg GU15V027thumb.jpg GU15V029thumb.jpg

Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

Vineland Crusaders versus Upper Twp. Surge

GU11V051thumb.jpg GU11V052thumb.jpg GU11V053thumb.jpg GU11V054thumb.jpg GU11V055thumb.jpg GU11V056thumb.jpg GU11V057thumb.jpg GU11V058thumb.jpg GU11V059thumb.jpg GU11V060thumb.jpg GU11V061thumb.jpg GU11V062thumb.jpg GU11V063thumb.jpg GU11V065thumb.jpg GU11V066thumb.jpg GU11V067thumb.jpg GU11V068thumb.jpg GU11V069thumb.jpg GU11V070thumb.jpg GU11V071thumb.jpg GU11V072thumb.jpg GU11V073thumb.jpg GU11V074thumb.jpg GU11V076thumb.jpg GU11V077thumb.jpg GU11V079thumb.jpg GU11V080thumb.jpg GU11V081thumb.jpg GU11V082thumb.jpg GU11V083thumb.jpg

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