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Sunday, March 14, 1999

By Jerry Amari
SJSports Special Correspondent

The Vineland Hurricanes U-12 boys traveling soccer team braved the rain, wind and some hail while delivering a 4-1 victory. The frigid affair was the home opener for the Spring '99 season, and was played at the Vineland Soccer Complex. The Delran Warriors (champions of the South American Division for Fall '98) moved up to the North American Division for the Spring season. The Warriors had more than they could handle with the defending North American Division Champion Hurricanes.

Vineland quickly pressured the Delran goalie with a crossing pass by Nick Ruskoski towards Saverio Brunetti. The Warrior goalie snatched it a split-second before Brunetti could get his foot on the ball. Ten minutes into the match, center halfback Billy Redden scored the first Vineland goal. Fifteen minutes later the 'Canes Steve Bond broke free with the ball from the half line. Bond's forceful shot bounced off the goalie's chest back to Bond who was running at full speed. Steve neatly deposited the rebound into the net for a 2-0 Vineland lead. More shots by Kerry Daplyn and the other Hurricane forwards were stopped by the Delran goalie. The score remained 2-0 at the half.

Stopper Ryan Gregor got the assist with his long shot towards the goal. Gregor's shot was met by forward Saverio Brunetti (this time he got to the ball before the Delran goalie), who finished the job by knocking the ball into the goal for Vineland's third gscore of the match. A Vineland "handball" in the "box" area awarded Delran a penalty kick. The Warriors closed to 3-1. Then Chris Downey assisted Tom Tobolski's goal to round out the scoring in the 4-1 victory. Bobby Rupp anchored the Vineland defense as goalkeeper for the Hurricanes.

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