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South Jersey Softball:
Red Raiders Win In Last Inning

Saturday, June 3, 2000

By Jackie Foster
SJSports Special Correspondent

On Saturday, June 3, it was a beautiful clear, very sunny, windy day for a softball game. The Red Raiders from Berlin Township came out swinging against the Berlin Borough Blue Angels. It was definitely a high scoring game.

The Angels took the lead in the first inning with a home run hit by Melanie who also did a good job at playing first base. The inning ended with the score Red Raiders 1 - Blue Angles 5. The Red Raiders were quick to come back in the second inning. Red Raider Lauren S. slammed a double, which could have been a home run but not for the great stop by the Angles's center fielder, and knocked in 3 runs to take a 6-5 lead.

The game went back and forth as each team kept on hitting the ball all over the field. Melanie D. started off pitching the first couple of innings for the Berlin Township Red Raiders and was followed by Danyelle L. who did a good job of keeping the runs down. The game ended with a score of 18 - 16.

The Berlin Township girls managed to take the lead in the top of the sixth and final inning. The Red Raider defense didn't let the Angles score in the bottom of the last inning. All the girls from Berlin Township and Berlin Borough hit the ball well and made some great plays out in the field.

We all went home happy and a little (some a lot) sunburned after playing for over 2 hours.

Photos by Boog Williams

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