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South Jersey Softball:
Red Raiders Win 2 To Make It To Finals

Monday, June 19, 2000

By Bob Stewart
SJSports Staff Writer

The Berlin Township Red Raiders started their playoff run on June 15, 2000 against rival Berlin Township Blue Lightning. The teams split the regular series, and the winner of the game would play the winner of the two Clementon teams.

The game started off with the Red Raiders being the away team. The Red Raiders came out hitting and running the bases well. They scored 5 (the limit) and only let the Blue Lightning score 2. The Red Raiders ended up winning the game 12-6 and had to wait to see which team from Clementon they would face. The next night, the Red Raiders found out that they would be playing the Wildthings.

The second game was held at Clementon field. The Wildthings only had eight players while the Red Raiders of Berlin Township had 15. In the top of the first, the Red Raiders scored the limit of 5 runs to take a 5-0 lead. In the bottom of the inning, the Wildthings scored 2 to make the score 5-2. In the second inning neither team could score a run. Red Raiders pitcher Kim struck out the side to end the second. In the top of the third, Kim and Michelle scored on Danyell's single to make the score 7-2. With the score 9-2 and the time 8 PM, the coaches had a meeting on whether they should keep playing. The question was would there be enough light to have both teams be to bat and not have to call the game because of darkness. After the meeting the umpire yelled "Play Ball" and both teams were yelling "Yeah". The Red Raiders scored 2 more, as did the Wildthings to end the score 11-4.

The next stop for the Berlin Township Red Raiders was the finals, but which team from Berlin Borough would they play?

Photos by Boog Williams

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