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South Jersey Softball:
Berlin Township Team 2 Update

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

On April 27, Berlin Boro #1 team traveled to Berlin Township for a 6 PM game against Township #2 team. Both teams had a lot of fun as the game ended in a tie. The cold and lack of sunlight called the game. Both teams were happy with their play. For Township, M. Pigliacelli, K. Villano, M. Dotts, K. McKelvey, and E. LaRosa played outstanding.

On Saturday, May 1, Berlin Township #2 was visiting the Berlin Boro #2 Wildcats. Township got another win with great plays by T. Beaver, D. Lemm, B. Basques, and K. Rodrigues. For the Wildcats K. Spirit, A. Cox, and A. Hoinkis had great plays. Both teams had to get up early to play at 8:30 AM and withstand the wind.

On Tuesday, May 4, Clementon #2 team came and played Berlin Township #2 team at the Berlin Township fields. After a late start, both teams had a lot of fun. Berlin Township's dual catchers M. Foster and B. Garrison had a great game behind the plate. M. Terilla, M. Williams, S. Lemm, and C. Turnbull also had nice hits and plays to lead Township to the win.

Photos by Boog Williams

April 27, 1999

BTAARoo257thumb.jpg BTAARoo260thumb.jpg BTAARoo261thumb.jpg BTAARoo262thumb.jpg

May 1, 1999

BTAARoo285thumb.jpg BTAARoo286thumb.jpg BTAARoo287thumb.jpg BTAARoo288thumb.jpg BTAARoo289thumb.jpg BTAARoo290thumb.jpg BTAARoo291thumb.jpg BTAARoo292thumb.jpg BTAARoo293thumb.jpg BTAARoo294thumb.jpg BTAARoo295thumb.jpg BTAARoo296thumb.jpg BTAARoo297thumb.jpg BTAARoo298thumb.jpg BTAARoo299thumb.jpg BTAARoo301thumb.jpg BTAARoo302thumb.jpg BTAARoo303thumb.jpg BTAARoo304thumb.jpg BTAARoo305thumb.jpg BTAARoo307thumb.jpg

May 4, 1999

BTAARoo440thumb.jpg BTAARoo441thumb.jpg BTAARoo442thumb.jpg BTAARoo446thumb.jpg BTAARoo447thumb.jpg BTAARoo448thumb.jpg BTAARoo449thumb.jpg BTAARoo450thumb.jpg BTAARoo451thumb.jpg BTAARoo452thumb.jpg

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