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South Jersey Softball:
Haddon Heights Defeats Berlin Twp.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

By Pat & Dave Vaughn
SJSports Special Correspondents

Haddon Heights traveled to Berlin Township Tuesday night and defeated Berlin Twp. 11-1 in SJGSA league play. Haddon Heights took an early lead in the first inning scoring one run. Berlin Twp. answered in the second inning when Lauren Buscemi scored on a walk by Erin Tideman with bases loaded.

Haddon Heights then went on to score five runs in the third, and five runs in the fifth. Scoring for Haddon Heights with 2 runs each were #22 Fallon, #3 Williams, #14 Gilligan, #32 Golub, and #7 Davey. #15 Valeriano scored one run.

Berlin Twp.'s defensive play was good with Erin Tideman making a terrific catch on a fly ball coming out of the sun, and catcher Stephanie Conn throwing to Megan Foster on second and getting the base runner out on an attempted steal. However, Haddon Heights was able to score with solid hitting. Berlin Twp. just couldn't get the bats going.

Berlin Twp. travels to Washington Twp. on Thursday to complete a rain out game.

Photos by Boog Williams

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