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Smugglers 73 Champions With Undefeated Season

Sunday, July 25, 1999

By Boog Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

In the beginning of the season, Smugglers 73 said that their only goal was to win the Championship of the All-Star Trophy League, and they did it. They not only were the Champions, but also did it with an impressive 28-0 undefeated season.

On Sunday, July 25, 1999, Smugglers 73 swept the best out of 3 championship series, 2 games to 0, against Denise's Team. Smugglers 73 is named after a bar/restaurant on Rt. 73 in West Berlin and Denise's Team is named after one of the players' wives, who had cancer. Denise's Team is also the name of their football team.


In the first game, Smugglers 73 started the game off with a lead off home run by Randy Middleman (I was told by the other team that he is the best player in the league). Also hitting home runs were Randy Leotti and Tom Barrett. Tom and George Barrett both went 3-4 in the opening game. Brian Law was the winning pitcher in the 19-1 win. Smugglers 73 and Brian Law only gave up 3 hits in the game. Denise's Team scored their only run in the top of the last inning.

In the second game, Smugglers 73 jumped out to a 4-1 lead, but Denise's Team came back and tied the game 4-4. Then Smugglers 73 started hitting the ball all over the Luke Avenue field. This location is often a host for winning teams, it was where the West Berlin Fire Company won its championship on Friday. The game ended with the score 22-5. After winning, the team celebrated by spraying champagne on each other.

Photos by Boog Williams

AST656thumb.jpg AST657thumb.jpg AST658thumb.jpg AST660thumb.jpg AST661thumb.jpg AST662thumb.jpg AST663thumb.jpg AST664thumb.jpg AST665thumb.jpg AST666thumb.jpg AST667thumb.jpg AST668thumb.jpg AST669thumb.jpg AST670thumb.jpg AST671thumb.jpg AST673thumb.jpg AST674thumb.jpg AST675thumb.jpg AST676thumb.jpg AST677thumb.jpg AST678thumb.jpg AST679thumb.jpg AST680thumb.jpg AST681thumb.jpg AST682thumb.jpg AST683thumb.jpg AST684thumb.jpg AST685thumb.jpg AST686thumb.jpg AST687thumb.jpg AST688thumb.jpg AST692thumb.jpg AST693thumb.jpg AST694thumb.jpg AST696thumb.jpg AST697thumb.jpg AST698thumb.jpg AST699thumb.jpg AST704thumb.jpg AST706thumb.jpg

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