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South Jersey Softball:
Camden County Softball League 33rd All-Star Game

Saturday, July 8, 2000

By Bob Stuart
SJSports Staff Writer

The All-Star game was held at the Luke Avenue Sports Complex in West Berlin - home of the 1999 League Champion West Berlin Fire Company. What a great day for the Home Run Derby and the Game, as the sun was shining.

At 9:00am, they started with the Third Annual Home Run Derby. With over 20 entrants into the event, the balls were flying all over the Luke Avenue Complex. The winner of the 2000 Home Run Derby was Harry Ritchie of the Lindenwold Fire Dept.

After the Home Run Derby, the game between the National East and American North took place. The manager's for the game were Greg Lydic (American North) of West Berlin Fire Company and Paul Miller (National East) of Berlin Fire Company. The National East defeated the American North by a score of 24 - 14. All-Star Game MVP's were for the American North (voted by National East All stars) - Joe Jackson of the West Berlin Fire Company and for the National East (voted by American North All stars) - Ron Amerillo of the Winslow Township Fire Department.

Photos by Forrest Robleto

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