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Look Out NCAA, It's the Pennsauken "RED'S"

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

By Patricia Snyder
Pennsauken Reds Softball Correspondent

The Pennsauken travel team, better known as the RED’S, are coached by Brian Robey, and assistant coach Patrick Spencer. The newly formed 2003 travel team made up of girls, 10 years and younger, continues to improve and wow the crowds with their own unique style of play. Although the girls did not win every game this season, they are winners in their hearts and sprit. Coach Robey and Spencer with their firm and fun ways of coaching, have a way of bringing the very best out of each girl. Although Coach Robey knows the girls cannot win every game, he fills his mouth with sun flower seeds, takes a knee in the dugout and tells the girls to hang in there until the very end. He begins each game by passing them a sign and telling the girls, “now go out and play ball.”

Coach Spencer adds a lively spark on the field as a third base coach, directing the girls to steal bases for a winning run. S.Snyder is the starting pitcher and a fast lefty led off batter. S.Robey is a pitcher and left fielder and can put down a mean bunt. C. Spencer is a pitcher and center fielder that’s quick on her feet. H.Snyder is a catcher and out fielder and adds power to the batting order. T.Johnson stands strong on first base and always put the power in batting line up. B.Taylor is a quick shortstop and pitcher with a wicked throwing arm. S.Williams is an outfielder and a pitcher in training that can put the ball in play. J.Hayes plays second and third base and can makes her plays with out skipping a beat. S.Eckles plays third base she can scoop up the ball throw it to first base before you can blink an eye. C. Johnson is a new girl to PYAA sports as shown her self to be an all around player. S.Harner catcher and out fielder there isn’t too much that can get by her. And last but not least D.Barry outfielder and second base is the youngest and smallest on the team she can hit an awesome double that can definitely bring in runs.

Photos by Todd Johnson

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